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Inactivity on Forums

If you are inactive on forums for 90 days you will be moved to inactive group after that. Once you return back after your inactive time, ask on Tracker to re-instate your levels and forum group. Once you are back post a topic in Introduce Yourself section saying you are back and also report on tracker to get your admin level and forum group back so that you can access private section on forum.

Inactivity on Server

If you are inactive on servers for more then 90 days you might loose admin level. Please report on tracker to get your admin level back. Please don't PM any staff member. If help is required use Contact Us or forum for support.

Note: You might not be re-instated back to same level if you return after few years of inactivity because rules might have changed. Best case scenario you will start with temp level and then eventually we will move you back to your original level. This way you get sometime to make new friends and also learn the new rules. Time period would be defined by the management. It would be case by case basis.

Also if we can't verify your identity and if you have to make new account on forum then membership would be evaluated on case by case basis.