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We look for few things when we invite someone in our community:

  1. You should be mature.
  2. You should know all admin commands, rules and regulation.
  3. You should be a forum AND server regular for at least 1 to 3 months. If you are not a forums regular then you will not know what's going on with other servers and other members. Only with forums you will be able to communicate with other members of different timezones.
  4. Minimum age required is 15. If you are younger than 15, then be patient or get TeamSpeak.
  5. You should have enough courage to join loosing team when teams are imbalanced. You should be the first one to move if teams are unbalanced.
  6. We don't tolerate admin abuse. If you are found doing it you will be demoted.
  7. If you are TeamSpeak regular it will be big plus for you. It will help us to know you faster and hence your application will take less time. Some TS/Vent regulars have joined us in less then 2 weeks. If you think you are shy and don't want to join TeamSpeak, then it's your choice.
  8. We have democracy system. You will need 80% yes from other members. So, if you think you will be good with founders and bitch on other members and regulars and you will be able to join us, then it's not going to happen. At the end of the day, leaders/founders hold the right to deny or accept the applications.

If you think you have those points then post an application in our join section. If you think you are internet retard who enjoys in bitching on other players every 30 seconds then we will just mute/kick/ban you on forums and server.

The end motive of our community is to provide enjoyable gaming server for all race, age and sex where everyone can enjoy and make friends.