BF2 Server Rules

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Listed below are a complete list of the server rules for F|A BF2 servers. Please note that while the list is short and aims to cover any uncertinty on general game play, you may still be warned, kicked, or banned from our servers for reasons other than the specifics listed here. In general any player being abusive, starting trouble, or in any way interfereing with gameplay in a way that has a negitive impact on the server or other players in the server will be delt with swiftly.

So please play, have fun, and let others have theirs...

  1. First and foremost F|A does not tollerate ANY CHEATING of any kind what so ever. All our servers are streaming punkbuster and are regularly monitored by server admin. Cheaters will be permanently Banned.
  2. Intentional Teamkilling for any reason will not be tollerated. If you are caught in an intentional act of killing a teamate in order to obtail a vehicle, or in retailiation for a unintentional team kill, or for any reason what so ever YOU WILL BE PERMANTLY BANNED. This is by far the most obstructive behavior to good clean fun gameplay.
  3. You may enter a opposing teams "Uncap" in order to destroy commander assets. However while doing so you may not for any reason attack oponents while there. Even if attacked. If you are caught attacking inside an uncap or using artillery on an uncap you will be banned for a minimum of 48 hours.
  4. And last but not least. If you are spoken to by any admin for any reason we ask that you respect that admins decision and comply with what ever request is being made of you at that time. If you disagree with that admins decision you are welcome to visit this forum and get issues setteled out. We will deal with any problems brought to our attention in a prompt and fair fashon. However if you should decide to protest on the server chances are you will be banned and it will be highly unlikely that you will be welcomed back.

And thats it! Please have fun and enjoy our server...