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Llamas with hats

05 January 2018 - 01:26 PM

Happy Holidays!

24 December 2017 - 06:27 AM

Hola server regulars, members and other sympathisers,


Looks like the birth of Christ and the coming of the new year are, for now, still more widely celebrated than the birth of FA. Thus, Fearless Assassins wishes you all a great time with family, friends and =F|A=mily! On the feast of peace and love we can be happy to be play-acting war in games, and reach our thoughts out to those among us who still need to face the real horrors of it.


Thank you for your ongoing mental support and thank you to the donators who keep =F|A= going year by year. Thank you to the members for watching the servers day by day, to recruiters and referrals for helping new people into the clan week by week and to staff+ for making every minute of managing this clan enjoyable.


=F|A= wishes you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and happy gaming!


Fearless Assassins Gaming Community


Congratulations! =F|A=Thanksgiving Gameday Promo Round

01 December 2017 - 05:55 PM

Thanksgiving Gameday. It's more than a reference to an American holiday that already passed. It's an opportunity to thank all people who made =F|A= what it is. A time to say thanks to those who gave =F|A= a past and to those who will give it a future. We can thank you, regulars, members and donors alike by still providing some of the best servers out there. We also thank you by organizing a Gameday and hosting it.


Also I want to personally thank staff+ for being a great bunch of people I and the clan can count on. If I have a personal problem I can discuss it with them and they will talk to me like friends. If there is a problem in the clan that needs solving, they will act professionally as if they are being paid for it. I also want to thank my fellow leaders (+dd), for being level-headed, discrete, patient and eager to help.


Finally, we can announce a few promotions of some of the members who really kept this community about fun and friendship. Congratulations!

Name: Rendel
Profile: https://fearless-ass...r/17370-rendel/
P: 11 to 12


Name: Shape

Profile: https://fearless-ass...er/16491-shape/

P: 11 to 12
Name: Natural
Profile: https://fearless-ass.../19949-natural/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Neuro
Profile: https://fearless-ass...er/21822-neuro/
P: 11 to 12
Name: r3wind3r
Profile: https://fearless-ass...21384-r3wind3r/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Phoenixx
Profile: https://fearless-ass...14990-phoenixx/
P: 12 to 14
Name: Schnee
Profile: https://fearless-ass...r/19741-schnee/
P: 12 to 14

Name: redfromsvn
Profile: https://fearless-ass...551-redfromsvn/
P: 12 to 14
Name: Hodor
Profile:  https://fearless-ass...ser/18975-hodor
P: 12 to 14
Name: Armory6
Profile: https://fearless-ass...r/20133-armory6
P: 12 to 14 
Name: Decareaux9
Profile: https://fearless-ass...9809-decareaux9
P: 12 to 14
Name: Wolf081
Profile: : https://fearless-ass...er/9305-wolf081
P: 14 to 15
Name: Absoluto
Profile: https://fearless-ass.../10813-absoluto
P: 14 to 15


New recruiting team member!
Name: Danielle
Profile: https://fearless-ass.../19380-daniëlle
P: 16 to 17

Come and claim your levels during gameday! If you feel you are overlooked, don't post here but make a nice contact us message. We try to see everything but we can't see it all :)


Note -- Please inform me when I forgot editing a profile ;)


24 November 2017 - 02:09 AM

An impossible romance, come true

Post here to get the quality recruiter award

08 June 2017 - 06:00 AM

Only full members count. Any game! The goals have been set high, I think no one qualifies for the Recruit Magnet award yet :D


bronze_zpsmyveyswz.png Adept Coach

Has mastered the recruiting workflow and recruited at least 8 full members to the clan!

silver_zpsq37nvmqj.png Expert Recruit Trainer

A true recruiting officer. Has recruited at least 15 full members.

gold_zpsarbiycvb.png Recruit Magnet

Although the truth is one of hard work, it seems as though recruits automatically flock around this person! Has recruited at least 25 full members.