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#794990 RIP RaY; ingame Explo!d

Posted by RedBaird on Yesterday, 03:34 AM

Thanks for the bittersweet reminder.


I added this event to the Community Calendar "RIP RaY, our =F|A=Explo!d", until 19 Jan. 2025. 



#794805 Sound Engineers, our Unsung Heroes

Posted by RedBaird on 18 January 2018 - 04:06 PM

Nice word choice on the title.


I just realized the "double meaning". :)

#794800 =F|A= Newyear Gameday

Posted by RedBaird on 18 January 2018 - 03:28 PM

Gameday Starts tomorrow 


...and I am behind again on my GameDay announcer.cfg :(

#794702 Sound Engineers, our Unsung Heroes

Posted by RedBaird on 17 January 2018 - 08:46 PM







#794367 When you love to Dance "Coincidence"

Posted by RedBaird on 14 January 2018 - 07:46 PM

I saw this on a relative's FB page...


#794240 The best cryptocurrency mining software 2018

Posted by RedBaird on 14 January 2018 - 03:32 AM

My Opera just did an update and the info page had a link to this topic :


New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool   where it says that immoral crypto-coin miners may install malware on your computer to use its resources to help with their digital mining.

#794072 Cyclists chased by ostrich

Posted by RedBaird on 12 January 2018 - 08:50 PM

Legend says they are still cycling away from the ostrich till this day


I saw your name on the reply-list and thought that you were going to claim that that bird was a big chicken!

#794065 I had no idea! ... radio-control Hoppyists

Posted by RedBaird on 12 January 2018 - 07:18 PM

I had no idea that the hobby's machines had gotten so complex.  It looks like they are having competitions for, or demonstrations of the various types.



#793827 25 Things People Did BEFORE The Internet You Won't Believe

Posted by RedBaird on 11 January 2018 - 08:11 AM

He only goes back to the early 1990s.  :D


#793708 =F|A= Newyear Gameday

Posted by RedBaird on 10 January 2018 - 12:16 AM

I will be in for Friday one till my laptop gets smoking hot :)



Get this :




im holding you to this we better see you there or else :P



He could turn his resolution down to 640 x 480 :)  

#793694 CheepHeep cleans his room | MotD 09.01.18

Posted by RedBaird on 09 January 2018 - 09:10 PM

 A floor-cleaning robot is a must have if you keep your pet chicken inside your house.  However, if you have a bot-riding chicken, then YOU must clean the droppings from atop the robot! :D


(I have actually seen CheepHeep doing this on the FA ET servers...riding atop a bot...but I've not see 'droppings' other than his 'gibs'.)

#793514 Gaming Disorder

Posted by RedBaird on 08 January 2018 - 09:03 AM

Very Interesting!  :D


The article did quote a counter-opinion:


Alexander Blaszczynski, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Sydney, Australia told Futurism he is concerned about “the absence of clear diagnostic criteria determining what constitutes a gaming disorder, and the validity of applying existing addiction criteria to a behavior.” 


He noted that there is a range of behaviors now being identified as addictions — everything from salsa dancing, to smartphones, to in vitro fertilization. “At what point does an activity transform from an entertainment to a disorder?” he said.



#793508 Can somebody make me an easy signature ?

Posted by RedBaird on 08 January 2018 - 08:34 AM

is it permitted to give out a free web site that can make signatures?  I found one called mylivesignatures.  Its free and can be made custom as well as theirs. I tried it but couldnt figgure out how to use it here.


I made a simple signature from my FA name, using the free version.  It looks like that to make a sig with graphics in it, you have to use the paid version and upload the graphics file for them to manually work on it.  I don't know what the cost is.


Here is the static version, from their link :8236AE96730CCB67EBBBCABEBCFF66B5.png


I forgot to save the signature ID# or their link so I will have to upload the file to here...oops, I can't upload a *.gif file to here. :(


Okay...had to upload it to my gallery and post the link here : gallery_8926_650_18531.gif


Kooki, if I had remembered the Sig-ID# or copied the link to my gif-pic, I could have added this to my signature directly.  I don't know how long MySigs....com saves the links, but it should be up for a long time.


The text font, slant and static/gif can be selected in the free version.  I didn't explore all the features of that  site. Maybe there is a color option.  I  added that gif to my sig for you to see how it looks...(I use my sig to test stuff for other people :D )

#793459 Hallo :) Im Xeilon = The Engineer

Posted by RedBaird on 07 January 2018 - 09:54 PM

Xeilon = The Engineer


Does "The Engineer" mean that you are another "Suicide Engie", like me?  :D


It is good to see someone else working for the objective to win the map for their team.  :)

#793251 Pic of the Day 06.01.18

Posted by RedBaird on 06 January 2018 - 12:47 PM

Last one looks scary  :blink:


An expression of, "Oh, No!  Something is missing! "