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In Topic: New maps for Jay1

Yesterday, 02:33 PM

Carnage2 was used for MLB carnage, but It's smaller.


xdam2 is kinda small too for a 50 Player ET server.


stalingrad is just too easy to win: dyno the bridge.


helmsdeep is difficult for Axis to escort tank in the open,


Sniper paradise.  It's a decent map unless Axis get stalled...


ammo_bunker2 is medium-size, Should be hard for Allies Engineers to


dynamite Their objectives with all The Axis around...


cathedral_final has proven to be a fine map with a lot of players.


escape2 and low_tram are Winter maps, Quite good but hard to defend.


vesuvius_rev, northpole, saberpeak, tankbuster and axislab can be laggy,


With 50+ players, Like fueldump. I like the original vesuvius.


voilegarde is small, Would be crazy with 50.


__BRIDGES__, transmitter and rommel_final are medium-size,


Very good. baserace_desert is well...baserace.


dubrovnik is almost impossible to defend, Especially if no one knows


the map. And SG_1945_final_fix_repacked is the "Stargate" map.

In Topic: How many of you play from 2.6b on our server?

21 April 2017 - 02:21 PM

I use the Enemy Territory 2.60b full-game installer from Trackbase:



In Topic: Jay1 map rotation suggestions

16 April 2017 - 07:40 PM

rhineland_bridge was added to Jay2, Let's see If It gets laggy before adding to 50 player server...


I want to thank Whomever made Covets-in disguise not drawname as 'Enemy In Disguise" anymore on Jay1.


It's how It was meant to be.  Keeps everyone on Their toes!


Here's some sneaky Jaymod settings for CovertOps:


g_covertops —set bitflags for Covert-Ops behavior
Table 13.8. g_covertops Flags
1 keep disguise when class-switching
2 keep disguise when throwing med packs and reviving
4 keep disguise when throwing ammo packs
8 keep disguise when laying mines or using pliers
16 enable stealing uniform from a live player from behind
32 enable disguised enemy name drawing when close-up
g_covertops 0
g_covertopssets bitflags for Covert-Ops behavior.

In Topic: Knives

15 April 2017 - 05:44 AM

On Silent1, Knife damage may be a little high.


set g_dmgKnife

    Amount of damage done by the knife.

    Type: integer

    Default: 10


I kind of don't like how You can't push knife attacker away like on Jaymod.



    Allows players to push other players with the "use" key. The integer adjusts the amount of force players shove with. 80 seems fair.

    Type: integer

    Default: 0

In Topic: Help with server setup

11 April 2017 - 08:43 AM

You can have a dedicated ET server on you computer and play on it too...

I had to portforward My router...


You could also Host Game with Jaymod(Double-jump and other settings...).

In Tutorials: How to make a Jaymod Server - Enemy Territory:


Here's some modified omnibot names to make it interesting.