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#788223 Jay1 map rotation suggestions

Posted by Adeby on 01 December 2017 - 08:53 PM

What about increasing player limit on Baserace and maybe MLB Temple? Also I think Pirates could be limited to less players since its pretty chaotic with those narrow alleys. Dunno whats the correct limit on Frostbite but it seems to appear with way too many players.


If not planning to erase Grave Robbery from the mappool, maybe leave it out from the next rotation. I think few months of it is enough.

#787795 Jay1 map rotation suggestions

Posted by Adeby on 27 November 2017 - 12:10 PM

so instead of complaining people can better make suggestions 


Thats what everyone did, suggested which maps to be removed and which ones to be added.

Like I said previously, keep the good and liked maps from previous rotations and add new maps on top of that instead of removing all the good maps. If the plan is to keep playerlimit at 50, honestly there are not many maps that plays well with that amount of players. Thats why I think it would be better to keep those maps that work and people like and if there are new ones to be added, add them on top of those old maps.


Mappool with 40 maps including all good old maps is better than mappool with 30 maps including maybe 5 playable maps.

Last time I played actively was around 2012-2013 so I don't know what maps have been there in the last years but something needs to be done with the mappool.


Just my 2 cents

#785993 Adeby cfg - Enemy Territory Config

Posted by Adeby on 11 November 2017 - 03:07 AM

File Name: Adeby cfg

File Submitter: Adeby

File Submitted: 07 Nov 2017

File Category: Player Configs

Uploaded my config because someone requested it.

Click here to download this file

#785500 Jay1 map rotation suggestions

Posted by Adeby on 06 November 2017 - 07:02 PM

Adeby, you must be new. Most of those were in recent rotations. Hydro Dam comes and goes every year or so. I think Minas is still in current rotation. Capuzzo Airport was just removed after being in rotation for a very long time. It's a good map but has some really bad lag spots. Daybreak was removed by many requests from the last rotation, if I remember correctly but thanks for posting ideas!


I have been inactive for last 2 years or something, but I know most of these maps have been on the server and thats why I suggested them. These maps works very well on the server. I don't see why these maps have been taken out instead of adding new maps. I understand if daybreak been taken off if it got lots of complaints. Current rotation is just blahh. I hear others complaining about the rotation aswell. In my opinion, just add the maps that have been proven good on the server and then add new maps on top of that instead of taking all the good maps out and adding maps like grave robbery :D

#784823 Bots on servers and EU servers

Posted by Adeby on 02 November 2017 - 05:05 AM

I'm suggesting since the playercount on ET has been going downhill for years now that you could lower the amount of bots on servers. On jay1 there are bots until there are 25 players and i think thats bit unnecessary. 8v8 or 10v10 without bots shouldnt be a problem, i think its just better if after 16 players there are no bots.


About EU servers:

I was wondering if it could be possible to have one EU server with regular jaymod settings. I mean EU server with jaymod and no fast shoot is something that i personally have been missing from FA.

I noticed that beginners #2 is not very active and maybe you could transfrom that into a server suggested above.



#115048 sup with this 9014 pb kick?

Posted by Adeby on 10 September 2010 - 09:50 AM

2.6b wont help a thing im playing on 2.6b and get kicked by pb atleast 2 times in a match... Someone just needs to invent a new cheat protection system coz pb sux hard it makes lag and kicks ppl by stupid reasons.. If you havent noticed now when there isnt pb on FA #2 it doesnt lag at all when there is 40+ plrs :P So it works perfect and no ppl getting kicked :D SL could give permission to rate on non-pb servers where is 100+ admins so there could always be admin who is kicking aimbotters and other hackers :D Lol anyway i hope there will be good solution for this, something else than non-pb servers :D