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Server 3 Conversation

22 February 2018 - 11:00 PM

So here it is,

Im gonna start it

I don't care if it "offends" you

I don't need to know if it "triggers" you




all i need to know is if you'll be ready on the battlefield :lol: :blink: :angry:



There isn't talk of starting this officially i just want to get as much time as possible before what i hope is the inevitable comes.


Setting changes:



Longer objective caps.


Pros: Increased challenge.

         More realistic cap system. If enemies are not on point for 90 seconds then they could easily lose it. They are aggressive and rarely camp without moving in some way.



Cons: Too many bot respawns. Solution> to compensate we could cap bots if there are a specific amount alive so they don't constantly respawn.



Cater weapons to accurate assignments


no more bots spawning with stg 44s on crete in 1942.

no more fg/mg 42 on Dunkirk.


pros: accuracy

cons: some people wont be able to or want to cope.




Personally I would love to play the same map set but with the allied forces swapped.
















Flakturm? i dont quite know due to tech difficulties lol




I think it would create an incredibly unique experience


We could still incorporate regular campaign missions and obviously custom maps to add some larger variety to our server :wub:




feel free to chime in with more and opinions on whats here

DOI updates

14 December 2017 - 11:36 AM

hey there



Just wanted to share the good news, starting DOI today after the update i was asked to let a 64 bit DOI exception through my network.


64 Bit implementation is here!!!!




Also theres a new map called flakturm. Lets suit up and ship out!

Mod / Workshop recommendations

15 November 2017 - 03:11 PM

Here is the place to share mods and other things you have enjoyed or hated from DOI

The best album i've ever heard. RIP Macho Man

04 November 2017 - 04:41 PM


legit rap album. some songs are oddly catchy. I love this :wub:

Member tips and tricks

03 November 2017 - 12:52 PM

Hey everyone


i was thinking of ways we can help each other with this game, there's always room for improvement or a little tip that can help get that achievement that you wanna go for.






basic tips:


DONT FORGET TO LEAN, this thing can help you keep from getting hit in the lower half, which can be a lot more deadly then it seems.


the Alt button is sneak walk (read as: burger king man). This can prevent an enemy from hearing you. As someone that wears 7.1 headphones, this can mean life or death.


Sprinting is great but you shouldn't turn corners before checking either your map (LETTER N....... or tab) to check for friendlies, or peeking around for enemies. Also, reference to the previous point. The sprint and tab combo equal default steam overlay mix-up


Borderless windowed can help transition between desktop and the game easier. Before doing this i found once in a while the game would not bring the visuals back up but the game was running as normal.


To get a good grip on your enemies' tactics and routes, I would recommend playing as every team, at least 5 games. You will get to see your cover from the enemies' eyes and look for spots that are actually awful for providing cover.


Get a german grenade skin mod, this thing makes your life a whole lot easier. It will give a visual colour reference to determine if its a smoke or frag. 


For tracking a flamer, you can get a scorch mod so it gives clear burn tracks. Once in a while you gotta hunt a bear.


Practice mode can help you learn the Leader role pretty well. Helps the transition







If you are going for Headshot achievements, i would recommend using a sniper role when available. Even if you don't use a scope, the role gives you the advantage of holding your breath longer.


For the Bayonet or Melee achievements i would suggest Dunkirk for Allies or Breville as Germans and to try a heavy kit with smoke grenades. You can make a smoke room and move around relatively freely. The assault role gives you faster movement as their upgrade, so this can help you either run to or away from a combat situation. The rifleman class gives you more stamina, so this can also be a good option.