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#798090 Silent #2 admins

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 11 February 2018 - 07:22 AM



I think if we are looking for new players, we finaly decide about reducing bots.  Raziel :)


Evenings are mainly full on the server, and during the day serves is almost free. I think there is more potential during the day to find new players. But play alone agains so many bots doesnt make so much sence. Bots are blocking you quite often, and it is not so much fun....


2. Admins - agree, that regulars has been asked many times in last year, so we have new potentials as Kermit, and new Trials as WanHeda, Scooby, Huti whoom we should promote:)




#795125 January first promo round

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 20 January 2018 - 11:39 AM

:thanks  and congrats to all :) Good job :)

#794669 =F|A= Newyear Gameday

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 17 January 2018 - 04:08 PM

I would like to join  so much, but I am going to Stockholm for a weekend, so guyz enjoyyy!!!!!!!! Se u next time!!!!! :camper  :cya  :kis:

#788449 Cheep and I on Thanksgiving

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 03 December 2017 - 06:22 AM

This seems to me more like the end of the date than resting :D

#788435 =F|A=Thanksgiving Gameday

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 03 December 2017 - 04:07 AM

Good job guyz, I had a lot of fun... Thanks to Patric and Cheep ofc.... see u online :)

#782111 Beginners #2 spawntimes

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 14 October 2017 - 02:19 AM

If I miss to fix this by this weekend, please remind me again. I am also working on the list of new maps provided by schnee. Once i upload the maps, will fix spawn times as well. I have one more idea in mind and if it works out then will add that as well. 

Hello DD, if you do not miss to fix selfdamage and number of boots it will be great!!!!!!!






Thank you soo much!!!!!!

#781867 Beginners #2 spawntimes

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 11 October 2017 - 02:54 PM

Hi all, I do agree with Rendels proposal... just in Warbell I think Axis Attack.... :)

#777294 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 09 September 2017 - 09:17 AM

So Guyz, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for new maps, there is really good feedback on it:)


I hope we will continue in this mode, once in 3-4 months.... :) 


I know that we can't have all, but can someone have a look on Bots, spawntime and selfdamage?


Once again Thanks for new maps to all who was involved!!!!

#774765 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 19 August 2017 - 02:56 PM

Wooter wanted to make a list with spawntimes after the new maps are in.



Sorry I forgot to write about Spawn time. Current is really so fast... 6 TO 8 sec now...


As u can see we made a poll, and from my point of view, it would be again good compromise to have 12 sec. for BEG 2...


Please change this toooo...


Thank you Raziel... :)

#774753 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 19 August 2017 - 01:14 PM

10 bots is from my point of view good compromise :)

Self damage Ok.


To maps, we will be looking forward to see your results. :)


Thank you so much Raziel :)

#774746 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 19 August 2017 - 12:09 PM

So I hope everybody who was interested in voting, already visited our polls..... So, selfdamage is 10:0 for establish selfdamage. Number of bots, there are more possibilities. from 8 to 10 bots... SO how can we proceed now to move forward? :)

#774432 hi...i'm Larisa

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 17 August 2017 - 08:02 AM

Hey Larisa and welcome .:) Enjoy forum :) :welcome

#773801 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 12 August 2017 - 05:16 AM

Okey for bot amount, we will keep it as it is now. Server name is Beginner and we should keep one server in our clan where is more bots, so new players can learn. We had more bots in jay2 year or two ago and server was very popular close to Jay1. Now not anymore, its empty too often and popularity dropped almost right away when we dropped bot amount. Lets be honest i was suggesting and pushing to get less bots in Jay2 and i dont like play against bots, i do like jay2 more now than before, but if i could go back to moment when i was suggesting to reduce bots i would vote differently. So lets not make same mistake now, lets keep bot amount to current one and keep one server friendly to new comers, if server is popular enough it should not be problem if there is 12 or 15 bot per team, because if server is popular enough you should be able to play without bots most of time.


To maps, suggest new maps, let us know what should be removed and i can talk to server management team and we can see when we can update rotation.


I agree that it should lock map for 8 maps time before you can re-vote it again, but not more, 8 is max, ppls come to play in the server and would like to play they favorite maps, and mostly ppls cant be server 3-4 hour waiting they favorite map, i think avarage gaming time is close to 1-2h. So if we not allowe ppls to play they favorite maps because we dont let them re-vote already played maps, it will affect to server, ppls go to server then where they can play they favorite maps, so to please both sides, those who play a lot and dont want see same maps all the time, we should make it 8 instead of 6, but not 10 so its not too much.


Was there any other questions where you was waiting reply?


May I ask you Von,



to became more flexible, what about establishing someone, who can change the maps? maybe we will finaly have new maps, but them again next 2 years nothink? 


I think many of us, i can say 90% of active admins, wrote here, we need new maps, we made a pool, voted..... WE are ready once in 3 months change 3-5 maps. I think Rendel or WOOTER can handle maps changing... Give us an option to have our server flexible....


WE can follow some given rules.... Once in 3 month, maximum 5 maps change, always make a pool, minimum 10 voters and present it on the forum...



What do you think? :)

#773517 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 10 August 2017 - 09:10 AM

I totally Agree, that one of stable regulars FA members on beg 2. should have option to change maps, we should always make voting, and then change.... If this was possible, it would make our live much easier....and BEG 2 could be really interesting server for  more regulars... :)

#772979 Suggestions Beg. 2 server

Posted by JOHNNY008 on 06 August 2017 - 12:49 PM

+1  for self dmg for flame and zooka.


Your other points already have their own topics.


# of bots: https://fearless-ass...en-teams/page-2


map suggestion: https://fearless-ass...inners-2/page-4


Thank you for these topics, but as I can see, there is no move from these topics. :(


We have stil 14 vs. 15 on Beg 2 and it is sometimes really laggy, like today, people are really frustrated then..... I think it would be really helpfull to have less bots.....


And maps are still the same as long as I remember.....


SO I hope, we can move somewhere in this global suggestion topic for BEG 2 :)