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America 1st, Croatia 2nd

06 March 2018 - 12:53 PM

So good tho :D




Sad Dog/Cat Diary :-3

14 October 2016 - 04:54 PM

I love these so much :')




Learning to play a guitar!

15 September 2016 - 10:48 AM

Hi family and friends, how's everybody doing? :embrass



So I decided to improve myself a bit over next year or so. One of the things I always wanted is to learn how to play a guitar.
I started few days back and got over some basics. I have 4-5 guitars at home and a brother who's been playing them for last 14 years.

However, he's a bit impatient with me; after all I'm very much a beginner at this and he isn't home that much to give me lessons.


So wanted to ask you guys, do you know any good learning websites and/or videos I could benefit of? There are so many online, but figured I should ask here since maybe some of you learned it by yourself that way?

I need your help :'(

17 August 2016 - 11:10 AM

because I dunno why did this stop working. It worked fine like 3 weeks ago, and when I came back home and tried to run it, it just blew me off fam. It just betrayed me like CoD tends to betray me all the time. ET wouldn't do this to me, no sir, nuh-uh.


First it tells me CoD did not quit properly last time it ran and asks me do I want to run the game in the safe mode. Second it tells me that my computer appears to have changed since the last time I ran the game and would I like the game to configure itself for my new hardware.


I clicked and I clicked all the yeses and noes and maybes but every time the outcome is the message stating that .exe stopped working; a problem caused the program to stop working properly and all I can do is close the freakin' program.



First time I just clicked the shite out of it (usually when something doesn't work I click all the clickable things I can and it starts working; I'm brilliant like that) and got frustrated after it suprisingly did not work, screamed at my brother with tears in my eyes WHAT SHALL I DO BROTHER to which he just left the house. I drank some wine and then optimistically updated Steam and tried again and then tried troubleshooting compatibillity just because it offered me the option to do that but it didn't do. Then I tried googling the issue but really soon lost my will to live and everything else and passed out and now I want one of you to fix my problem pretty please ;-(((((



  • CoD betrayed me
  • I cried
  • my brother walked out of my life
  • someone pls fix it

Getting a car!

12 July 2016 - 04:19 AM

So I've got my licence and as amazing as my parents are, they're getting me a car.
I've been looking for one for like a month, and whenever I find one it ends up having some issue. Honestly, it's my first car and I don't care about anything but for it to drive and not break down (often at least) and it would be great if it didn't spend a lot of gas.

Not a lot of money to be spent, up to 3,000€. So right now, I'm getting little impatient with getting one because I want to go places with my car, and plan to get one in max next 7 days or so :D
These are some of my main choices atm, so was wondering have any of you drove any of these and if so, your experiences? And if not, you know any good car within this price range? It doesn't have to be pretty or anything, I just need it to drive safely and to have it's parts somewhat available. Because I was thinking of Hyundai Tiburon and figured if it broke it would be a disaster to pay for it to get fixed.


VW Polo

Nissan Micra

I hate having options :D