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#791752 my setting

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 27 December 2017 - 10:57 AM

my setting at home 

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#791501 Happy Holidays!

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 24 December 2017 - 06:46 PM

Merry Xmas to all  of u !

#789129 NBA 2K17-2K18

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 07 December 2017 - 11:09 AM

which nba live or nba 2k?

that is the NBA i was talking abouth

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#788791 NBA 2K17-2K18

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 05 December 2017 - 01:56 PM

My rockets are red hot JAMES HARDEN is my fav player and I think they have a great shot at taking out the warriors this year! 


Any thoughts?

i dont like this one i got the games brand new on my desk 80.00$ in the garbage !

#788065 Disable Poison Knife Yes/No?

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 30 November 2017 - 11:03 AM

Well if it comes to this... Then keep the poison knife but only remove the side effects of poison I mean.... The health will decrease as it is.... But the guy poisoned will get a normal screen not a hazy one....

Noober u can always kill urself... Even if poisoned as far as I know

true they have the whay to  kill themself  no need to  change !

#779341 free games

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 23 September 2017 - 08:57 AM



outlast any one play that games i doo!

#774653 Congratulations to our New Co-Leader!

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 18 August 2017 - 07:43 PM


#753968 m_pitch toggle

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 18 March 2017 - 03:55 PM

are whe alowed to use that script 


Re: m_pitch toggle
it turns on when you fire
m_pitch toggle
ive created this script to help people with their HS percentage when a player fires their up and down movement is slowed down slightly and when released your up and down movement is back to normal try it out tweak it do whatever hope it helps ragin domes 
// m_pitch fixed shooting script
// Binded key
bind mouse1 "+vstr mplow mphigh"
// Settings
// low sens m_pitch
set mpitch1 "m_pitch 0.020"
// normal sens m_pitch
set mpitch2 "m_pitch 0.022"
// Script
set mplow "+attack; vstr mpitch1"
set mphigh "-attack; -attack; vstr mpitch2"
m_pitch controls the up and down movement of your mouse if im correct m_yaw controls the speed left and right
Re: m_pitch toggle
it turns on when you fire
i tink it is a cheat ? just wondering 

#753664 Will it ever stop? F*** the SNOW!

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 16 March 2017 - 12:24 PM

here whe add no more snow 2 days ago here whe are again whit the white shit  that is in front of my house 

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#747901 Congratulations to our new management team members

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 07 February 2017 - 05:41 PM

Congrat  guys!

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#746269 Pictures of your pets

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 31 January 2017 - 10:04 AM

my pets !

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#745029 my pc

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 25 January 2017 - 12:08 PM

just got that from my friend for this summer  sold my jeep renegade to pay a part of my new weel !

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#744221 my pc

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 21 January 2017 - 02:46 PM

Aventum 3


-Intel Core i7 6950X CPU
32GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory
2x SLI GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
 Exotic Custom Liquid Cooling
 512GB NVMe M.2 Samsung SSD
2TB 7200RPM Storage HDD
 X99 Motherboard
1500W Corsair AX PSU
 Windows 10
now i am bilding 1 for 1 my friend in a red tower (FULL) tower !

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#743328 Happy Birthday to Audie Leon Murphy

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 15 January 2017 - 10:30 AM

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

#743213 pic

Posted by Grizzlyoldman on 14 January 2017 - 02:49 PM