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Ol Smoke

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Ol Smoke

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#797359 My Band

Posted by Ol Smoke on 05 February 2018 - 01:54 PM

Not too bad for a relic

#796756 How to make your PC Windows 7-10 run better

Posted by Ol Smoke on 30 January 2018 - 07:28 PM

These are just small things you can do to speed it up a little.


1.  Clean up your hard drive files.

     Double click on Computer Icon on your desktop. Right click on the C: drive.  Select Disk Cleanup.  Select all the boxes.  Then select okay.

     This gets rid of a lot of junk you don't need.  Especially all the error files and temporary internet files.


2.  Speed up your graphics and imaging.

     Right click on Computer Icon on desktop.  Lower left corner select performance and tools

     Select Adjust visual effects

     Under Visual Effects select

     Select Custom  then select the following options.

Show thumbnails instead of icons.

Smooth Edges of screen fonts

Use visual Styles on windows and buttons


Restart system and you will see how much faster it is.

Then Defrag your drive.  I like using Defraggler.  It is free and works great.  https://www.ccleaner.com/defraggler


Now for security.  Make sure your AV scans for rootkits and make it get rid of PUPs.

#795203 Two Truths and a Lie

Posted by Ol Smoke on 20 January 2018 - 07:48 PM

Oh I ruined the game, I just said one big fat lie did I haha


Racist !  Why is it always a big fat lie?  What has being fat got to do with lying?  Do all fat people lie?  Maybe I can sue over that statement and get millions of dollars for hurting my feelings

#795200 For the last time...Directv is not controlled by Frontier ISP

Posted by Ol Smoke on 20 January 2018 - 07:36 PM

You may laugh at the heading but for the last several months I have had this argument with my wife.


One day, my wife is watching DirecTv on her TV and the screen screws up and then there is no picture.  I am in the back of the house in my study, when she bursts in and starts yelling at me

about how my computer is screwing up her TV show.  With my mouth agape, I try to calm her first, then explain that the two are not connected together.  She is not tech savvy at all.  So I go out and reset

her DTV receiver and the picture and sound work fine.  Then she says this, "stay off the internet when I am watching my program!" (Dr. Phil)  I hold my tongue and go back to my study.

The next day she is still crazy about this.  So I sit her down and show her how the two are not even connected with each other. (Except for my DTV Receiver is hooked to wifi, which I don't use.)

About a week goes by and again her STB screws up and I have to reset it again.  (It died a few days later)  She starts her tirade again about MY internet messing up her TV.  So about 3 days later a

new STB DVR arrives and I set it up and everything is back to normal.  She only watches 8 channels, so, her favorites is easy to do. While I am doing this I take her to the garage and show her how the

cables are run around the house to the different STB's.   Then I show her how the CAT5 for the internet is run around the house.  I think she finally gets it. But.....then the rain starts.

Last night we had a terrible storm go over us and it really rained and so the DiTV went out of course.  I thought I was in the middle of a cat fight and getting the worst of it. But I explained, again, how the

rain affects the signal dish outside.  After 30 minutes or so, the rain quit, TV came back on, and it was peace in the house again. Until this morning.


I am in the study reading email and texts and running the internet for news, when she comes storming into the room yelling about her TV again.  She says, "I am going to cancel that damn internet, if you

don't stay off while I am watching my shows !".  So, I took her outside to the internet box and I unplugged it.  Then we went back in to the house and to her TV and it is going fine.  Before I could explain that

the internet didn't mess up her TV, she says, "SEE that is what I am talking about!"  "Stay off the internet when I am watching my shows!"   I slowly crept back to the study, went outside and hooked up the

internet cable again and went back to reading the news on the net.  She has been happy since then.  But I needed about 15 Diazapam┬« to just get my heart back under 200 BPM.

About an hour later, Frontier FIOS calls me and says that I lost connection with them this morning and they are sending someone out to check our lines.  Why NOT.


Ah the life of old people....it ain't all sitting on the porch drinking Maitai's. :lol:


#794900 How to fix the image quality on newer PC's to play COD4

Posted by Ol Smoke on 19 January 2018 - 04:17 PM

COD4 compatability.jpg


These two adjustments to windows 7-10 will make your image much nicer and fit the screen better.

#794298 A big thank you to our COD4 admins...

Posted by Ol Smoke on 14 January 2018 - 12:45 PM

I would like to thank =F|A=Shoes and others who re-set the server and made it run smoothly again, and, also to Shoes for rotating the maps.



Thank you !

#793690 anyone familiar with pc angel recovery software

Posted by Ol Smoke on 09 January 2018 - 10:56 PM

Xernicus is correct.  That software was the precursor to the hidden partition re-installation program that is common today.  You should be able to find the key combination that will load the


rebuild software and re-install Windows to a factory default.  Use the name of the product and factory reset to find it on the net.  It will be something like <ctrl+r> or something like that.

#793629 Good Old Games

Posted by Ol Smoke on 09 January 2018 - 01:23 PM

I like to play the single player games of MOHAA, but recently I turned the "Windows Update" feature back on and it downloaded about 151 updates** to Windows 7 that I run.  After that, MOHAA would not start up.  It supposedly comes from a security update that is also used in Windows 10.  It is DRM or something like that, that causes the old games not to work.  Well, I was furious.  Then I found out, on the web, that I am not alone.  Hundreds of thousands of people had this happen to all kinds of old games.  Some said it was put in there to make us buy new games, but I don't know.  Others said it opened up Windows to attacks by hackers.  All of this made no difference to me. I just wanted to play the game again.  So I kept reading and trying all the work arounds that people had come up with but it never worked.  Then I saw where several people mentioned this website called  GOG (Good Old Games).  They had taken these old games and revamped the code in the start-up and setup files to not do anything about the DRM system in Windows.  That way Windows would not stop the playing of the games.


So I bought MOHAA War Chest from GOG for $10.  I downloaded it and it is playing just fine.  There are some problems with the config files that won't allow certain buttons on the Numlock keypad to work which is aggravating because I have to use other buttons for reloading and selecting a weapon.  After 20 years of playing in a certain location on the keyboard it is difficult to change.  But I manage.  I am just glad it is playing again.


I noticed on their website that there are other games from 10 to 20 years ago that are available for download.  The company is based out of Warsaw, Poland, but I found no problem with them at all.  The VISA card was adjusted for EURO and there was no international costs for buying in Poland. If you like Wolfenstein, but it won't play, they have them all. 


Just thought I would post this here so others may find it useful.




**I don't need Windows security updates because I use Malwarebytes® as my antivirus and it plugs all those problems by itself.



#790337 Lain Time and others

Posted by Ol Smoke on 16 December 2017 - 03:58 PM

I am so glad to see Lain again yesterday.  My old COD jeep driver.  I didn't get a chance to talk to him much, but we did text a little.


I am seeing the old crew slowly disappear from here.  Two years ago COD4 was really hopping on here and we had such fun playing and talking to each other.

Sadly those days are over.  Everyone moves on with life, but guys like me who are at the end of our lives, this is all we have most of the time.  Memories.  Memories

of better times and memories of the fun times.  Maybe some day we can get the guys back for a one day game play on COD4 and Teamspeak. It would mean a lot to me.



#785473 Anyone remember "MYST"

Posted by Ol Smoke on 06 November 2017 - 04:01 PM

I don't remember when this came out, but it was a big deal in games for the HD look of the graphics.  I tried playing it but could never

get enough free time to finish it. 

Did they ever come out with another myst ?

#774963 Great American Eclipse 2017

Posted by Ol Smoke on 21 August 2017 - 12:37 PM

I live at ground zero and it was AMAZING !!!


First it starts getting cool and then the wind picks up and the breeze is cold.  Then all the birds head to roost.  Then it starts getting a weird shadowy look to everything.

I watched our sunflowers bow their heads then start to raise again afterwards.  There was lots of fireworks and people howling at the moon.  Lots of airplanes up today.

Several large jets were doing scientific study and were going right at the Sun.  Then, just as the Sun is being blocked out, it is deathly quiet.  No animals making noise of

any kind, and the people and the cars were all stopped.  Then the String of Pearls appears and the Sunlight starts to come back, but, it is not the yellow light we see everyday.

It is more like LED white and the shadows are very dark and long.  And now it is 30 minutes after the eclipse and all is coming back to normal.


But it was simply AMAZING !  I am glad I lived long enough to see it again.  I saw it in 1958, 1979 and now 2017.  I have seen a Lunar Eclipse also.


Old simple man must have been scared to death when this happened.

#774144 Doctor's Orders

Posted by Ol Smoke on 14 August 2017 - 06:05 PM

My doctor told me to eat more fruit.  So yesterday I ate 4 apples.


They were in a pie.  But hey....

#772498 Newest M16 for the millenials

Posted by Ol Smoke on 03 August 2017 - 11:52 AM

pew pew.jpg

#770435 The vacation of hell....

Posted by Ol Smoke on 17 July 2017 - 09:53 PM

So, on Monday the 10th, my wife and I set out to go to the coast for about 2 weeks.  This is the Pacific Coast near a coastal city called Newport in Oregon.

It is about 75 miles from our house.  The trip down was awful.  I almost... ran into the back of two different cars, run a bicyclist over, and I missed my turn and

had to go another 5 miles before I could find a spot in the traffic and a place big enough to turn my 32' motorhome around.


I get to the park and check in.  I drive up the usual access road to gain access to the upper tier area to park.  There were two pickup trucks blocking the exit.

I could see a narrow way through the trucks and had about a foot to go when I scraped the bumper on a guy's truck.  The damage to my RV was pretty bad,

but his truck's bumper had just a little scrape.  So I got out and got into it with this guy.  But he backed up and let me out.  He said he was trying to hook up,

so he and his wife could leave for home, but, the guy in the black truck wouldn't come out of his new trailer to move his truck.  The park people told him to

park his truck there because he had no more room in his space.  This blocked the exit of the access road.  I finally got out and got to our space and I had told

the guy I would be back to do the insurance thing.  By the time I barely got parked, he shows up.  He said the guy with the black truck left. So I couldn't get

a picture of his truck out in the middle of the road.  So then the park superintendent shows up and I tell him that that truck was not to be parked there.  He

said there wasn't any place else.  So I told him that he was going to be part of the lawsuit also.  He got scared and left.  So that started my vacation off with

a bang.  I was so angry I couldn't even think straight.  So I waited about an hour to set up the RV.

The next day my wife and I went to town for a little lunch, in her car.  We found this nice place but there wasn't much parking.  But I did see that the handicap

site was open.  So I turned my blinker on and drove down to the spot.  This other car was approaching us, and he sped up and practically skidded into the

site.  When I went by I noticed he didnt have a placard for the handicap spot.  So I called 911 and an officer said he would have someone there in 5 minutes. 

When the cop came, he parked behind the car, and checked the plates, and looked inside the windows for a handicap sticker.  Just then the car owner came out

of the cafe and we could see him talking to the cop.  The cop took his license and wrote him a ticket.  Then the cop motioned for him to back out of the space.

When he had moved his car across the street, the office motioned me down to the parking site.  I showed him my placard and he got in his cruiser and left.

The other guy decided he was going to give us some crap.  Now you have to understand that this guy is about 22 years old and 5'6" and 110 lbs.  He is behind

my car waiting for me to get out.  I am 6'2" and 250 lbs. and I love to fight.  So I slowly got out of her little car and I turned to face him and he knew it was over.

He walked behind the other car and went into the cafe.  I never said a word.  I just opened my wife's door and helped her out.  We had a nice lunch.

So the next day we are going to walk down to the beach with our new dog for the first time.  I am helping my wife down the badly worn out trail, when I stumble

over a tree root and twisted my bad foot and ankle again. After about 1/2 an hour of massage, I was able to get down to the beach.  That night it swelled up

so bad I never went to bed.  Just kept icing it.

So now we go to dinner the next night and everything was fine until we got the check.  We had two of the steak specials which were 12.95 each.  We both had

water and nothing else.  So the total should have been $25.90.  I give the waiter my card and he brings it back with the item bill.  I checked the bill and it was 

wait for it........$69.90.  I said, "Why is this check so much?"  He started a rant that was all about how we had steak and lobster.  I said no.  So a few minutes

go by and I said get the owner.  He fixed it.  I left no tip.  Food was great.

Next and last thing. 

I go down to the restroom for my morning poop and wah-lah! no one was in there.  Great.  A nice quiet poop is so good in the morning.

I sit down do my business, pull up my pants and hit the flush button and I could here this gurgling sound deep in the pipes.  I hit the door and ran back into

the shower area, when,  wait for it......boom!!!!!  All the crap from that morning flew out of that toilet all over everything.  That was about 10 am and they were

still cleaning that area at 4pm that afternoon.  They had to call in some professionals to get it clean enough for people to use.  It seems that at the exact

moment I flushed, the local sewage controller was going through a clean out process and the two lines got opened at the same time. When the pressure was

relieved off of the line at my toilet, all the waste chose that route to evacuate through.  Yee haw!!!


Now that I write all this down, it wasn't such a bad time after all.  Except for the traffic.  That really sucked and the accident wasn't good.  But hey...that's why I

pay those high insurance rates.  Right?





#769348 Official FA Discord

Posted by Ol Smoke on 08 July 2017 - 01:52 PM

This is like standing in line at the DMV.