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Happy New Year - 2018

31 December 2017 - 07:48 PM

Happy New Year - 2018! We hope all your good wishes are fulfilled in the new year!


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Reset players stats K/D every 1st of each month

30 October 2017 - 08:38 PM

Vote and/or Discuss. We can do this for silent mod servers for now.

Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

28 October 2017 - 09:03 AM

We started our community back in 2008 on this day. It does seems like years have passed by but when sometimes I join the servers, I feel it’s all same when I see familiar faces on the server. We are happy that we started the community back in 2008 because if we didn’t then we wouldn’t be able to know you people.


It has been blast gaming with you people throughout all this years. Sometimes I miss my friends who have been playing with us since 2008 or even before. I do miss seeing some old friends who used to play on our servers back in the days. I had never ever though that I will miss people whom I hardly new in real life even after so many years. All I want to say is this gaming community has given me so much that even after so many years, I still remember my friends and miss them. Without all life would have been bit boring, I would say. 


People say it’s just a game but for some reason I feel it’s just not a game. It’s a place where I made new friends, learn new things and become patient over the period of time. It has become part of my life.


On this day, I would like to say thanks to every donor who donated money for paying the bills, time and experience making this community worth loving for. Without donations it would be real hard to manage the bills and I still wish more people would donate rather than just few donating high amounts. Only 2$/month aka 20$ one time donation is not much to ask when you are enjoying 24*7 on our servers since 2008! 


It’s easier to be leader in the pack but it’s much harder to create the pack and then lead it. I would like to thank you our leaders, co-leaders, staff members, recruiting team and members including trial members to make all this things easier. We all together have successfully created a gaming place where players are enjoying playing on our servers rather than worrying about cheaters or trouble makers.


Over the period of time you all together have changed this place from one gaming clan to one family.


We are happy that we started Fearless Assassins back in 2008 and we are still part of it. We are hoping that we will be here still playing with you people and with your kids. We will be waiting for the days when we would be replaced by our Jr. members. :)


That being said - Happy B'day Community! You all have a blast today on jay2.clan-fa.com ET server game day! As the saying goes - I DON'T NEED TO "GET A LIFE." I'M A GAMER, I HAVE LOTS OF LIVES!


DOI Server IP: doi.clan-fa.com:27030

16 October 2017 - 06:44 PM

Our first DOI Server IP: doi.clan-fa.com:27030

New section, first post :) 

Day of Infamy - Server IP: doi.clan-fa.com:27030

16 October 2017 - 02:44 PM

We recently upgraded our Euro machine to support new games and here is the first game which we have added to our community

- Days of Infamy -
IP: doi.clan-fa.com:27030

Right now it's CooP Server. We are planning to add 1 more server with some other settings once this server is configured properly. We are also looking to add some additional new games, once DOI picks up. Our Insurgency servers are pretty popular and we would be providing fair game play for DOI servers as well. 

Some more settings are still required for new DOI Servers but they will be done over the period of time and hence you might see some restarts once a while. 

I am planning to upgrade one of our US machine with SSD and more RAM so we can add some new games on US location as well. Right now all Insurgency servers are US based - NY location which gives avg 100 ping for all players from US and Europe. Players close to the location will have less ping.

I hope you all will continue enjoying our servers. We will be also upgrading our forums, very soon and new maps will be added sometime this week on silent 1 and beginners W:ET servers.

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