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#803620 Jay1 map rotation suggestions

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Is it a good idea to get specific favorite maps on specific days ? For example      Adding maps  Glider , 2 tanks , cathedral   only for wednesday-thursday or any other  weekdays?   cortex,baserace and saberpeak for monday-tuesday.   If there is good feed back we can continue with maps in rotation .



I know its hectic task to remove/add maps, just  thought to give an  idea. 



#803578 FA Hardcore-- a few suggestions

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 03:37 PM

Mortar! I think it was limited to one a few years ago, but that limit seems to be removed now. It can totally break certain maps (such as Italy) to have two mortars firing in the same area.


It's limit to 2 as of now. I just checked. I believe it was one but someone mentioned that mostly newbies use that fast and experienced players cant use it so it was changed to 2.

#803573 Jay1 map rotation suggestions

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 03:21 PM

Some of the maps in this thread are more suitable for jay2. italy TNT had same fate of Italy. I will see what i can do. 

#803549 Jay1

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 01:07 PM

well, seeing I have spend most of my ET years in your clan It'd be hard to have a lot of experience running servers all of a sudden. But if you want me to give an example, I have always loved .EA#NoDownload (pretty sure its offline, please dont ban me for advertising :D). It had no molotovs, no poison knifes. They had stuff like trickjump protection like on the walls supply depoty so doublejump wouldnt ruin 50% of the maps. All in all it was really trimmed down and really straightforward ET and thats what I loved about it. If you are completely upfront about what you said I could contact their leaders and ask for the serverconfig.

edit: I missclicked enter so the message went without text. typed as fast as humanly possible but sniped me nontheless :'D


anh I can see now. Before it was all blank. Thanks for the update - 


Yes, I am serious. If something good can be done why not? I have seen that double jump protection before and on some maps we used to have Ex Fueldump. It was based on mapscript. One my sync merge script broke up and overwrote all my scripts and I don't have back ups for it. Sure go ahead and contact them. If they are ok with sharing, I will gladly put that up. That would reduce the work for admins as well. 


No molos, poison knifes, etc is all planned for new servers.  That's just one suggestion. I am open for 100 which can be done and achieved in sort time. 


PS Shana is our member since a long time and still is and still he learned his way around. I don't believe server experience is related to being in any clan or not. It's just a player wants to be more technical then just player? Then server side is next step. Same goes for lot of players. Clan is just a group of friends nothing more nothing less. It all depends on what you do in the family and each member is different in the family. ;)

#803543 FA Hardcore-- a few suggestions

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 12:45 PM


  1. The automatic shuffle that happens every few maps is terrible. It breaks up teams that actually have a good vibe and just keeps a constant rotation that typically requires admin intervention regardless. Is there a way to set a threshold on imbalance or at least only force the shuffle when the number of players on each team is completely out of whack between maps? I've seen many great games get ruined by the out-of-whack autoshuffle.
  2. In that same vein, can KR tracking be switched to KDR? Shuffles will be more accurate, and KR seems like such a weird and random statistic that isn't really based on anything substantial.
  3. Bots with heavy weapons = terrible. Is it possible to restrict that?

    Would love some feedback, thanks.



1. Doable and perfect idea. By any chance you have code for it bud? You can write it using LUA and 5.3 is what we support right now. I can change it as soon as you have working code. 


2. Please see above. We already have a topic for it - https://fearless-ass...illdeath-ratio/


3. Doable. Working on it. 

#803536 FA Recruiting BOTs

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 12:12 PM



As ET is quietly dying down every day, week, year etc. I think it would be better to tone down the amount of BOTs on FA1. Most times of the day I dont feel like going on the server when there's 5+ BOTs per team, atleast I feel like we could play to better extent with a FEW less BOTs per team. Mind you, in the evening (EU time) the server is very populated, which is great, but during the day it would be great to play some BOTless games.





Botless games you can play on ETPRO server. We have 2 ETPRO servers where we run no bots. You are more then welcome to join our ETPRO server. 

#803535 New !commands suggestion

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 12:11 PM

I have some ideas for new commandson the servers. I don't know if they are feasable in Jay, I know these worked on N!t


!afk : puts yourself to spec. level : 11+ (?)

!owned : displays the last person you killed and a text like "I owned you [k]". level : 1 or 2+ (?)

!teams : plays a short sounds that draws people's attention to the unevenness of the teams and diplays a short text them asking to fix the teams. Last time the sound was "nerd alert" from Austin Powers. level : 11+ (?)


So, what do you think?


As Destiny give the sample - 1 and 2 - client can do it - 


!teams was already their - i added another version to get attention from 'ALL' players - which is restricted to level 8 and above. 


!teams1 - will say it without sound - current version no change

!teams2 - with sound. 

#803532 Oil Kombinat map edit suggestion

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 12:01 PM

Truth. That many people is just chaos and annoying. I never stay on the servers long when it's that full. I guess getting blasted with mortar, gas, knives, M97's, mines, campers, spawn killers etc every time you leave spawn is not fun for me.


I grew up on 64 slot and always had fun on it. But I always visited small slot servers from time to time.. if any remembers server of BEL, .bb., etc where my favorite ones. Got banned on RC|< clan servers 2 times and eventually give up. BEL and .bb. never give me any trouble. Off course all time famous ETPRO servers as well. I wasn't the ETPRO guy to begin with but play from time to time. 


I am looking forward for map script changes, whoever, does it. I have list of maps which requires fixes. 


PS Yes adding spawn points is easy. I had snippet for it but I can't really find it now. Just open modified baserace or railgun scripts and you will get the idea. 

#803531 Jay1

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 11:56 AM

plz leave jay2 alone i like that server .. becuz there is no 300pingers 100 too 500 or just straight up laggy crappy players on it...its not flooded with  to many players and handles a 14 v14 well.


ive tried  few other fa servers and everyone is so laggy i just cant. and et wasnt ment to be 30v30 20v20.


Jay2 is not changing. 


Just to be clear with all - 


We are not currently changing any current servers. We are just adding new one. 

#803529 New !commands suggestion

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 11:47 AM

!console - removed. It wasn't supposed to be their to begin with. Was relic command from ETPUB days. 


Fixed other ones as well. I sync'd same command to all silent mod servers except Fun1.

#803524 Jay1

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 11:14 AM

 FA definitely doesnt have the best serversettings I have seen,


Please provide best settings suggestions i.e. what it is now and what needs to be changed. I assume since you have server side experience  as well you can easily provide precisely what needs to be changed to achieve better side settings.  I will go through it and if they are worth while, I will change those up instantly or asap. 

#803523 Knives

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 11:12 AM

I looked around and found trhat the knife.weap file and the .cfg file within the models folder is your best bet, but I don't know exactly what the files mean in there and I don't have a local server to test it out on at the moment.


You can create local server. It's super easy. Instead of running ET.exe running ETDED.exe with command line and local server will be ready for you to test on. 


Now I can do that for you but I would like you to do it yourself so that once you learn, you can teach to someone else and that opens up lot's of people testing their stuff themselves and we can change things faster which is already tested. 


PS Sorry for late reply. If i am missing replying to any server side technical support, report your post and staff will alert me up. 

#803522 JAY 1 - Warmup damage ?

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 11:09 AM

R.i.p. headphone users.


U nailed it :)


@OP - No.

#803511 Jay1

Posted by daredevil on Yesterday, 08:48 AM

I am not going to delete any post but I will give one final warning - Be respectful towards each other - It's ok to disagree on something but don't start bickering towards each another.


I will start handing out warnings if it continuous and eventually it will lead to forum ban. 


You all can post the ideas about new server but eventually, I will decide how it's going to be. I am not the guy who will always go with majority and if I had done that =F|A= wouldn't exist by now. So don't be surprised. 

#803411 Jay1

Posted by daredevil on 15 March 2018 - 03:29 PM

U don't need stopwatch to have an OBJ based server. Double jump and all that is fine, but the primary task should be the OBJ not getting kills, and it is improvable by tweaking some settings.


It's not the server that decides i.e. it needs to be OBJ based or not. It's the players.  I wish I can enforce all servers to OBJ but no one listens to me :(