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  • Added on: Jul 09 2010 02:18 AM
  • Date Updated: Jul 18 2010 08:53 PM
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Linux: Enemy Territory LAG FREE! enjoy.

Install ubuntu and enemy territory without fukin ur windows up!, give it a try!

Posted by Pro*tOrMeNtIuM on Jul 09 2010 02:18 AM
hi, I am Glad to post my tuto for running ET in Linux, took me like 3 hours to do this , and i done it for perfect nubs when it comes about linux, so is yes baby steps for instaling linux and et on it. comments are apreciated ! , give a try u will see the LAG will dissapear (fps lag = gone.) I know there was another tutorial in this forum made by wonder, altought i gave it a look and some links are broken and it isnt that much friendly for non-linux-users as this one, this is more long....and baby steps , hope u like it.

I have put it in word to download.

Tutorial- HOW TO- Install Linux(Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) and Enemy Territory 2.6b
By tOrMeNtIuM :D

This tutorial will show you on easy steps how to install Ubuntu operating system WITHOUT deleting or damaging your windows or any file in it. It will also show you how to install and run Enemy Territory on it. If after testing linux you don’t like it, you can simply get rid of it and here will be explained how also.
Why install and play ET in Ubuntu? Simple: NO LAG, you won´t get any lag at all, you won´t get FPS drops , and you will experience a much faster gaming experience, along with a much faster computer experience(yes Ubuntu 10.04 is really really much more faster than windows 7 ) for your regular tasks.
There is however some things that won’t work properly in linux, I mean most stuff u need for et works, Xfire works(in linux: gfire) , skype works(for those like me who use skype in scrim in etpro), teamspeak works(but is a little painfull to make it work properly)

Hope you like it and you understand it! If any questions I am usually here to help you out
Xfire: felipem87
IRC: /q tOrM (in quakenet)
And now in FA Ventrilo. (ip: port: 4666)
Or you can find me along Pro* forums and FA forums.
Other questions or any stuff is listed in the Ubuntu forums, and pretty much every error u can get is listed there, so google is also an option, but I recommend asking cuz sometimes linux is a pain in the ass if u don’t have some1 helping you out.)

--Before We start I would love if you could put ur actual etkey in a USB cuz I found myself with a problem at the end of tuto which is fixed with ur actual etkey so put it in there plz!—
Also would be usefull if u have another computer to have this tutorial open while doing it on ur actual pc, or u can also print the tuto!

Some things you must know before u install:
Linux can be ur friend but it can also be a pain in the ass, be sure u have 1 day free or at least 2-3 hours free with a lot patience to follow this tuto. Grab a beer and chill, am there to help!.
If u decide to install linux, you will have a dual-boot with windows, means nothing will be affected from ur windows don’t worry, but u will get a black screen when u turn ur pc on asking u which operating system will u start, Ubuntu or windows , some ppl don’t like that (my sister example), so I tought I do point that out.
That mentioned, I really recommend that u give my tuto a try, I wrote this in my netbook while doing it in my actual PC, so I didn’t miss ANY STEP at all., everything I wrote here I done it at same time in my pc so no mistakes are made, I double checked it., you should give it a try not to be afraid and try something new, u can see how linux looks like in youtube: search …hmmm Ubuntu compiz so u get an idea of what u can be doing with linux later if u like it…desktop editing which impress a lot of ppl cuz is fun and looks cool.
Here we go!:
Steps: (Installing Latest realease of Ubuntu)
1)Go www.ubuntu.com
Download 10.04 32bits (.iSO file)
2)Go www.wubi.com
Download Wubi (easiest way)
3) Make a folder in ur desktop call it Ubuntu and put in there the .ISO u downloaded and the wubi.exe
This way wubi will install the 32bits version of Ubuntu and not the 64bits which is shit.
4)Open wubi.exe from that folder(yes the one u just created in urt desktop ) and run it, it will ask u how much space for Ubuntu u want …what language etc, I recommend to put at least 15 to 20gb for the Ubuntu partition. (write down what user name and password u put in cuz if u forget it …u fuked it up from start lol)
Follow the easy steps of installation , it will reboot and start installing Ubuntu . This is usually much faster than installing win7, usually takes 20 to 30 min to install on a semi decent computer. It after 35-40min ur still at the installation process there is a problem u must restart and start wubi again. But its unlikely to happen.
Note: (my install took, in total time: 20 minutes)
Note2: After reboot u should see a dual-boot thast u can choose to run Windows or Ubuntu.

-------------Once in Ubuntu , which is by default purple we need to make our selves administrator which in linux is known as ROOT, we need to do all as root cuz we don’t want to be having problems after with permissions and shit which is annoying----------------
Make ur self root: Go aplications , accessories, terminal,
Type: sudo passwd root
It will ask ur ur current password or to make a nerw unix pass, type ur same password u had before from ur normal user name, type it again when it asks u to and click enter , tahst it., now go to the top right of ur screen where is ur name: and a turn off icon click it and hit Switch user, u will go to the login thingy , clock on OTHER , type root and type the password u chose, now we are login as root, , since we are always gonna do everything as root , install et and all in root, u should always login as root when ur gonna play or use the computer in general lol. Lets continue now:----------------------------------

5) Installing Video CARD Drivers
Go to System-> Administration-> hardware drivers, open it, it will take a moment searching new drivers. When its done you should see (if you have ati card, should see Ati/AMD graphics driver )(if your nvidia should see nvidia driver) well check the box where it says this driver isn’t activated and click activate, it will download AND install the proper driver for your video card automatically. You must reboot after that, so do it, remember to login as root when u are in the login window., click other, type root and type password u chose.
If it doesn’t show anything , xfire me to help you with your specific video card but I wont think there will be any problem at all).
Check if your video is working properly.:
Go on top left says Applications->Accessories-> TERMINAL open it
Copy paste this: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils
Then copy paste this: glxgears
It will open some gears lol and if they look like ok ur video card is working, if ur ahmmm not sure wtf? Check in terminal it should say something like 3000 frames in 5.0 seconds, that’s what my atu 5770 gets .
Go terminal again and lets make sure ur video is working:
Copy paste this: glxinfo | grep direct

If you get direct rendering : yes
Everything is ok, if not, ask me in xfire. Ty.

6) Installing Enemy Territory 2.6b (I put 2.6b cuz its all u need to play in FA servers which is where I play and to play in etpro , that’s all I play, if u need 2.55 it’s a little messy cuz we need to make one 2.55 and one 2.6b cuz there isn’t a patch selector as far as am concerned.) but well tutorial is for 2.6b , if u need 2.55 ask me in xfire I help you out.

Open a Terminal(Aplications .> accessories-> terminal (each line means , once u type a line u hit enter , then type the next line ..etc….dont just copy paste all at once hehe.)
So first type:
wget http://ftp.freenet.d...ux-2.60.x86.run
That will download the Enemy Territory 2.6 to our root folder. (if the link gets broken or doesn’t work after much time , let me know in xfire to upload a new one.) , file is hosted in Germany shouldn’t take more than 10 min to download with semi decent speed).

Once the download is complete we install the game: in terminal type:
sudo sh et-linux-2.60.x86.run

and it will open like a display mode into the terminal hit enter….to agree rules …and hit yes to everything except View changes file cuz its pointless….then just hit enter enter….etc until it installs it lol. After its done installing REAd it will ask u to start Now , hit NO and enter.
now lets go on:
7) Update PB and then install 2.6b , so to update PB:
scroll a bit down and download the Linux 3.2 For 32 bits Linux games (gui version)
Once is downloaded open the containing folder, and open the zip….the extract ,,,simply drag and drop the pbsetup.run in ur desktop and double click it. ..So it will open it agree rules and shit and wait till it finishes searching updates, once is done go to Add a game, select Enemy territory and in game path it should be (if u followed all my tuto ) is /usr/local/games/enemy-territory/
Then hit enter..the game should appear there, select it , ckick on check for updates and wait till its done its job,will take 2 mins.hit ok and close that pbsetup now.}

8) Download and Install 2.6b:
Hit on Save file not openwith…
Once is done , open containing folder(so in the download thing from firefox , roight click the file …open containing folder, and then that zip file right click and extract into ur desktop, )
Open the folder go to linux folder, and copy those 2 files.
Now go to Places , Computer , open folder called usr NOW open folder called local, NOW open folder called games, enemy territory and replace both files with the ones we just copied .. , so just hit paste omg :D! and hit replace all.
While ur here in this folder, REMEMBER I TOLD AT VERY BEGINNING to put ur etkey in a usb? Now time to plug ur usb (don’t worry if u didn’t put ur etkey in usb lol.) if u have ur etkey in usb open the usb and copy the etkey in the etmain folder (in the folder where we are right now, there is folder called etmain) paste it in there and ur ready to play!!

If u forgot to put etkey in usb, lets go find it lol, Places, Computer, Ur main hardrive with windows should be listed there…. Mine is called 1.0 TB HARD DISK: 800MB Filesistem, so urs should be called something like that., go there , open program files, scroll down to wolfenstein enemy territory , open etmain , copy ur etkey and paste it in our Ubuntu etmain , which is the folder we were in to put the 2.6b files remember?, copy it there and once ur here u can also put ur config (or my torm.cfg recommended) in the etmain also , and that’s it ur ready to play.
9) TEST Enemy Territory !
Many ways to open et ,
1)aplications Games , enemy territory (maybe is not in games, and its in the one called OTHER under Office..)
2)u can also open it from terminal which is lame but ok…lol, open terminal and type et then hit enter.
3) in the folder we were at, usr/local/games/enemy territory , double click the file et.x86 ..

Now ur like WTF NO FUKEN SOUND WTF ….chill.
Make ur user in et etc (put something like [email protected]!) haha just for the fun of it if u want. Or ur actual normal name… like torm. And well all that stuff…that shit everytime u run et first time, enable pb…choose ur mouse sens and that shit which we will have in the config later so is np if u f*** it up lol.
Now to fix sound there is many ways in internet but easiest one is just go in et., game options , system and choose sound quality 44khz (ultra high), then hit apply, then close et and open it again and woot u got sound, now try connecting to a server. FA1 for example: open console …in linux u don’t open console same as in windows, so is not the key on left from the number 1, now is the key next to the letter p , most likely… depends on ur keyboard to be honest and I cannot guess which1 u have, but try finding it u wont take long..lol is one of those weird tildes that opens console …try all till u find it and type
U should exec also ur config or my config and enjoy the game. If u get kicked by pb, RE-DO the PBsetup step and it should work perfect.
Let the downloads download and u should get in server without any other error, if u get any other error ur ready to ask me in vent, xfire or forums ok?.
So here is as far as this tutorial goes, explained how to install linux Ubuntu 10.04 and enemy territory fully working on it. Give it a try, if u have any issues with ur mouse graphics, anything at all, it can be fixed, Ventrilo is also able to work in linux and I guess I will make a tutorial soon for that and for gfire, skype…teamspeak…etc all related to et.
Look if u didn’t like at all how this shit linux is , u can easily uninstall it: go to ur windows, go to control panel , remove programs and remove wubi.exe , then u have uninstalled linux.
For any additional things u wanna edit change or anything u don’t like from Ubuntu , I am avi to help out , I know really a lot about this distro so do not hesitate to ask me in forums or anywhere ok?.
Xfire: felipem87
msn: [email protected]