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  • Added on: Jul 04 2010 04:31 PM
  • Date Updated: Jul 05 2010 09:31 AM
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How to Add Omnibots to Your Home ET Server

Posted by PHANTASM on Jul 04 2010 04:31 PM
So, you've made your own ET server, and you would like to add some bots to make it more fun.

First, you need to download the Omnibot program. There are many versions of it, the most recent is called 0.80. Before that was 0.71, and before that was the very popular 0.66. They are maintained by a group led by a guy named Dr. Evil. Omnibots work on most games that run the Quake3 engine (the program under ET).

Read about it here:

or download it here: (older versions are available on this page too - I prefer the 0.71 myself)

Then unzip it and install it like any other program. The previous couple versions are just as good if this one does not work for you. Just google "omnibot ET" and snoop around. I have not used 0.80, I have only used 0.71.

Once you've installed omnibot, open ET as normal and go to "MODS"

Posted Image

Then load "omnibot", and then back to the MAIN MENU, HOST GAME, START SERVER, etc etc.

[See my "How to make an ET server tuturial" at http://fearless-assa...server-at-home/
for more info.]

Not all maps support omnibots. They require extra work by the developers to write "waypoints" that tell the bots where to go. Poorly written waypoints are a common cause of complaints about bots getting stuck or standing in spawn not fighting. The original six ET maps will run your omnibots if you are unsure if you are doing it right.

Once you are in-game, use this command in your console to add an omnibot:

/bot addbot 1 1 douchebag

This will add one soldier to the Axis team, named "douchebag".

You can also create an omnibot config to do this automatically. Just copy the text below and paste it into a Notepad file, and save it as omnibot.cfg in your etmain folder. Then when you are on your own server, just type /exec omnibot.cfg in your console and it will run the script below:

bot maxbots 10
bot kickall
bot difficulty 4 //range is 0-5
bot addbot 1 1 ^1RAMMSTEIN //axis soldier
bot addbot 1 2 ^1MEGADETH //axis medic
bot addbot 1 3 ^1TOOL //axis engineer
bot addbot 1 4 ^1SLAYER //axis fops
bot addbot 1 5 ^1OZZY //axis covie
bot addbot 2 1 ^4FILTER //allied soldier
bot addbot 2 2 ^4METALLICA //allied medic
bot addbot 2 3 ^4PANTERA //allied engineer
bot addbot 2 4 ^4DISTURBED //allied fops
bot addbot 2 5 ^4GODSMACK //allied covie
set g_gravity 800 //default is 800
set g_speed 320 //default is 320

Notice there are two numbers after the command "addbot". The first number determines the team:
1 = Axis
2 = Allies

The second number determines what type of player class that bot will be:
1 = soldier
2 = medic
3 = eng
4 = field ops
5 = covert ops

The ^1 and ^4 in front of each name gives them a consistent color code.
^4 = blue = Allies
^1 = red = Axis.

You can use any name or colors you like. You can also change the types of bots by changing the second number. You may want more engineers on the Allied team, for example. Set them all to 3 to make them all engineers. This way they can get the objective.

If the game seems laggy, you can change maxbots to 6 and it will only add 6 bots instead of 10. You don't have to delete the bot names out of the script. Since you aren't online, you can also disconnect the internet and turn off unneeded programs to give your computer more power.

You can also add a bind to your autoexec.cfg file (if you have one) that will execute your omnibot.cfg file for you once you are in-game. Here is an example:

//insert omnibots
unbind O
bind O "exec omnibot.cfg; echo omnibot.cfg ran"

I added code to the script above for setting the omnibot difficulty, the gravity, and the game speed to add more fun options. Set them however you like. Double gamespeed (640) and half gravity (400) is a lot of fun.