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  • Added on: Jul 01 2010 07:18 PM
  • Date Updated: Jan 13 2011 08:48 AM
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How to make your own ET server at home

Posted by PHANTASM on Jul 01 2010 07:18 PM
A lot of players like to make a server on their own computer so they can scout out maps, kill some omnibots, test their own codes, etc etc.

Here is the shortest way to create a home server for you to play on:

Open ET as normal.

From the main menu, select "HOST GAME". This screen should show up:

Posted Image

Go to the "Game Type" section at the top left of this screen and select either "Campaign" or "Single-Map Objective". Campaign lets you play several maps, and single-map lets you choose which map you want to play on from every map in your etmain folder. So if you played a new map and got owned you can use this to open it on your own server and study the map. This is a great way to find camping spots and practice getting the objective on a new map without any combat. I did this on Minas and it helped a lot.

Then select "START SERVER". You will now be playing on your very own ET server.


How to Make a Jaymod Server:

Download the Jaymod folder (jaymod-2.1.7.tar.tar) at http://jaymod.clanfu.org/download.php (use the Zen Enterprises link, the others are dead or just take you to some crappy ad-infested site).

Unzip it with winrar or your preferred extractor.

You should now have a folder called jaymod-2.1.7

Put this into your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder right next to the etmain folder.

Now start ET, go to MODS on the Main Menu, and select jaymod-2.1.7.

Click "LOAD MOD". You will go back to the Main Menu. It will look like nothing happened.

Now go to "HOST GAME". Start a server as normal (see the top of this tutorial). It will be a Jaymod server. You can tell by hitting Escape and it should say "JAYMOD" in bright gay colors in the Options Menu.

If you want to make changes, go to the file called "jaymod.cfg" in the "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/jaymod-2.1.7" folder. Open it with Notepad (right click on it and select Notepad from the available programs). You will see a confusing file full of settings.

You can read through it and change the various values of all the settings and see what each one does. Before you screw it up, you might want to make a backup copy of the original unmodified jaymod.cfg file somewhere.

When you start the server again, use /exec jaymod.cfg to apply the changes you made. You may have to do this twice for some settings to work.

There you have it. Enjoy your server.