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  • Added on: May 14 2010 07:43 AM
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Turn Windows XP into Windows 7

Posted by Higgeo on May 14 2010 07:43 AM
Here is a quick way to save the extra money and make windows xp look like windows 7. :)

Step1. Go to http://www.askvg.com. This website has all the stuff you will need and is safe.

Step2: Download UXTheme Patcher, run then restart computer. Make shoure you download the right one either sp3 or sp2 depending on you coppy of windows xp.

Step3. Find the lastest vertion of the theme on the same site.

Step4. Download the zip file and extract it.

Step5. In the folder there should be some files. Simply run each file and follow the readme files.
Extra Common Tasks (This folder contains 2 extra shell styles: Bottom and Left dark blue.)
Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them.)
Iconized Taskbar Hack (This folder contains registry script to enable Iconized taskbar in Windows XP.)
Styler Toolbar (This folder contains "Styler" setup file and "SevenVG RTM" Styler skin. You can apply it to get Windows 7 look-like commandbar in Windows XP Explorer.)
Theme (This folder contains the main theme. Run Theme.exe file to install it.)

There are also many other themes so try them out and give them a go. :)

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(PS. I will keep the updated with new steps as they come to hand.)