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Tutorial info Visit support topic

  • Added on: Feb 13 2010 02:44 AM
  • Date Updated: Mar 15 2010 01:06 AM
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Blades Hacks :P(Valks idea.)

Posted by Blade on Feb 13 2010 02:44 AM
Now, Is there a trick? How do I get better? Whats the secret? All these questions I have been asked and there is one single answer. Aiming. Whether you choose to utilize this tutorial I believe it represents all my years of learning from other players who in turn helped me achieve my current skill status. Aiming in ET is something which comes with experience for the most part. Its not something that can happen over night nor can it happen in an instant. There are many variables which come into play when striving to improve. Some of these are settings, mouse, and mouse pad.

First, We will go into detail about your config. I advise you to make your own .cfg because it is more of a personal preference overall. I devoted a lot of time configuring and learning what each command does which I would advise, but it took forever soooo nvm. Now, The ongoing endless question. How do I find my sensitivity? This question is unanswerable in my opinion since there is not one sensitivity to make anyone's skill go from 0 to 100. I have learned some techniques of finding an ideal sensitivity for yourself such as tracking a wall corner. What does tracking a wall corner mean? It means to keep your crosshair on the wall corner and pivit around it. This is also a good technique to help improve your tracking. Now, if your short on walls you can use anything as long as it will provide the same results. The next topic is different sensitivities. How do I know if I'm a High, Low, or medium sensitivity user? Good question, but I do not have the answer. The only answer I can give you is to experiment around with all of them because everyone has different likes and dislikes. You may be a player who enjoys lots of movement, smooth aiming, fast snaps. I will explain the positives and negatives of each. High sensitivity is unique in that in allows you to move efficiently, but lacks in tracking due to the fast reaction of it. Now, this however can also be one of the advantages since you don't necessarily have to move your crosshair. Another option would be to just rely on your strafing and move your mouse slightly. Fast snapping is something that I find very useful in that it allows someone to react faster when an enemy pops out of nowhere. Now, this could also be seen as a negative since you may move your mouse across the screen cause you get scared or something. All in all. Using high sensitivity is a good choice , but comes with negatives and positives. Medium sensitivity is in my opinion one which stands out of the three choices in that it possesses the potential to allow exceptional snapping as well as providing control for better tracking. Low sensitivity is good for tracking, but at a price. Your overall movement can be crippled in that it takes you 3 maybe 4 swipes of your mouse to actually turn around. Now, I'm not criticizing people who use low sens and have become proficient with it. I'm simply stating the drawbacks of using it. The plus of using low sens is that tracking and the ease of keeping your shots consistent when aiming at someone.

To Conclude
High Sens: Good: [Faster Reaction, Fast 180's, Good Snapping]
Bad: [Bad Tracking, Not easy to control in some cases]

Med Sens: Good: [Balanced, Good tracking, fairly easy to control]
Bad: [N/A?]
Low Sens: Good: [Great Tracking, Easy Control]
Bad: [Slow Reaction, Sluggish, No fast turns]

Next, I will explain the importance of a good monitor. I have always used a refresh rate of 75. While I wish I could use a higher rate it just isn't possible on mine. To achieve a high refresh rate I encourage you to look into CRT's(Cathode Ray Tube). The reason is because most LCD's on today's market are usually using a standard 60 Hz. Now, This may not be true since I do not have the time to evaluate every monitor in the world. A good refresh rate to use would be the highest you are able to use. What is a Refresh Rate and Why should I care? The refresh rate is the vertical scan rate of a monitor. This is one of the key components when playing ET because it increases the amount of data that is drawn on screen. In other words. It looks smoother lol... When determining what FPS to cap your game at you first must see if your computer is able to maintain a constant number. FPS drops will occur no matter what, but make sure you find one that is stable and doesn't drop dramatically every time you get in a firefight or in a huge map. A couple of good FPS caps are 76 and 125. If you choose to use 333 I should warn you that the recoil will be much greater.There are certain CVARS that will help you keep your FPS up by lowering the render settings. To conclude. CRT ftw LCD eh so so. I should also note the power consumption of CRT's is much greater when compared to LCD's.

Next, my favorite topic. Mice. What is a good mouse? Whats the best mouse to use? High DPI the better right? A good mouse to use is one that fits your hand comfortably. There is no "best" mouse, but there are a few choices which a lot of people recommend and are crowd favorites. No, in a game such as ET high DPI is not a good thing. Why? Because it will cause negative acceleration. What is negative acceleration you ask? Well, What this means is the faster you move your mouse the slower it will actually move. Now, some may say that using high DPI is great since it register slight movements, but is it worth the price of negative acceleration? Low DPI is great in that it increases your accuracy by slowing down your mouses speed as well as having no negative acceleration. A few mice which I can recommend are the Razer Deathadder, Logitech MX518, and Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0. Another thing to notice is the reaction rate or polling rate of a mouse.

Polling Rate:

1 ms - 1000 hz
2ms- 500 hz
8ms- 125hz

Next, Mouse Pads. What do I need a mouse pad for? Does it make a big difference? Yes, you do need a mouse pad. It will greatly improve tracking as well as the smoothness of your aim. The difference is tremendous. I have tested mouse pads like Razer Goliathus, Steelseries Qck+, Razer Destructor, Steelseries 5L, and QPAD CT. Out of all of them I would say the 5L and QPAD stood out. They picked up my movements very well without any skipping as well as maintaining the control I strive for. If you have any questions about any of them feel free to ask.
Another thing I should point out is how to get good with a single pistol xD. Well to be completely honest. I don't know. The key to using a pistol is to have good reaction or reflex in my opinion since you need to be able to snap to a player in a matter of seconds. In order to become proficient with a pistol you must focus on your strafing as well as tracking the other player. Another thing to do is be unpredictable when you play. Do movements the enemy won't expect. Do some weird strafe technique. Basically anything to throw them off. In my case what I do is strafe/ crouch and a bunch of other things. Another big one is use headphones. Listen for footsteps. Use common sense.

I'll probably update this annually since I have too much free time. :mellow:

If you would like to correct any errors I made please pm me or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to help :D