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  • Added on: Dec 21 2008 11:47 AM
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Draw Wolf Particles Toggle

Posted by Thor on Dec 21 2008 11:47 AM
This will toggle Wolf Particles on and off, basically it turns smoke from Air Strikes, Artillary and damaged vehicles on or off so that you can see past the smoke and have a clear view of what is behind. This does not however turn smoke off from Covops smoke nades!

This can be especially useful for players who have poor video cards or processors as excessive particles created by the game, i.e. smoke, rain & snow, can cause what is known as video lag. I normally play with them off but toggle them on from time to time to determine the exact location of artillery.

// Draw Wolf Particles Toggle
// Toggles smoke effects
// Binds ]

set part_01 "echo ^1Wolf Particles OFF!; set part_s vstr part_02; cg_wolfparticles 0; cg_atmosphericEffects 0"

set part_02 "echo ^4Wolf Particles ON!; set part_s vstr part_01; cg_wolfparticles 1; cg_atmosphericEffects 1"

set part_s "vstr part_01"
unbind ]
bind ] "vstr part_s"

Thor! 8-)

Note: This thread is taken from my .cfg file and posted here to allow others to copy and use in their .cfg file.