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  • Added on: Dec 22 2017 06:48 AM
  • Date Updated: Jan 10 2018 11:47 AM
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How to use the console

Here is how to use the console for getting out many of it's benefits.

Posted by RendeL on Dec 22 2017 06:48 AM

Here I show you few simple things about the full potential of your console.

Open it by pressing the tilde (~) key.


Some usefull shortcuts (console key as CK to make it short):

CK = normal console view
CTRL+CK = small console
ALT+CK = fullscreen console

Browsing the console:

PAGE UP/MOUSE WHEEL UP = scroll console up
PAGE DOWN/MOUSE WHEEL DOWN = scroll console down
CTRL+HOME = jump to start of console
CTRL+END = jump to end of console

Finding out some cvar value (example hunkmegs):

Type /com_hunk then press TAB and it shows you options for similar cvars.


Now type /com_hunkm then press ALT+ENTER and it shows you the value you have now for hunkmegs and what is the default. So you dont have to write the whole value, console has built in autofill feature and it will fill the rest.


Another example:

Type /sens and press ALT, console will fill the rest. Now press enter and you see what is your mouse sensitivity.


By same method you can see many things, example just typing /com then press ALT will list all the com values you have ingame.

Couple of commands to try:

/cvarlist = lists all the cvars you have in use
/cmdlist = lists all the commands that can be used via console
/bindlist = lists all the binds you have in use
/clear = clears whole console

A simple way of saving what is in console, is to allow console logging: /set logfile 1
This command allows ET to create a logfile inside the mod folder and it is called there as etconsole.log and can be opened by a default text editor.
This is usefull especially for clanmembers, so you can copy/paste the important info from there of what you do ingame (example !finger).

NOTE: the logfile gets overwritten everytime you restart your ET! So if you quit the game and you think you have some important info in logfile, simply go and copy the file and save it somewhere else. Or rename the file to something else than etconsole.log. (example rename to etconsoleold.log or just console.txt)

Of course a one time save, you just simply write /condump [putsomenamehere].txt and a logfile with a name you typed is saved in mod folder. (example: /condump info.txt)

There might be more usefull stuff you can do with console which doesn't come in my mind, so write it in the support topic and I can add here.

//EDIT: browsing through tutorials, I missed this and it has all that is needed: more console commands


//EDIT2: even more usefull commands on support topic