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  • Added on: Oct 29 2017 03:09 AM
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Run Insurgency at 40+ FPS, on a laptop!

Boost your FPS as much as 30 with this!

Posted by Sonofdoc on Oct 29 2017 03:09 AM

Can't run Insurgency on that Low End Potato of yours? Say no more.  

Tonight, I have taken the time to put together the Dominate CFG that rules over all others. The way I did this is I found all the most effective commands from the other scripts I could find, and piled them all up. When I made this, it boosted my FPS by 20!


"But this will be so hard!", actually it is very simple. Just follow the steps bellow.


Instead of torturing myself and you, I decided to make the process less complicated (No raw paste data).


Step One

Download the CFG.



Step Two

Open up steam, go to the "Library" tab. You will then Right Click on Insurgency, and go to properties. From there you will click the "Local Files" Tab, then click "Browse local files".


Step Three

Once in the local files, click on the folder named "insurgency". You will then click the "cfg" folder. 


Step Four

Paste/Drag the CFG you downloaded, and put it into the CFG folder.


Step Five

Before you go into the game to try the CFG, you must go to the Insurgency Properties (Exactly what you did in Step Two), and press "Set Launch Options".


Step Six

Paste this into the launch options. 

+exec Sonofdoc's Ultimate FPS.cfg

This will automatically load the CFG.


Step Seven

When you load Insurgency, check the console by pressing "`" (You can enable it in settings), and you should see somewhere "Created by: Sonofdoc | Loading..... Loaded!"


Step Eight

Enjoy your FPS boost!


*Note* I recommend playing on the smallest resolution, but it still boosts the FPS either way.


So Sonofdoc, what does this exactly do?

The script does many things. 

  • Removes the white/textures from the eyes
  • Removes unnecessary model addons
  • Removes unneeded textures
  • Removes details within the scope and enhances graphic card usage
  • Removes unneeded details on props placed around the map
  • Removes teeth
  • Removes rough designs, smooths it out.
  • Prevents the likelihood of lag
  • Takes away most debris in the air
  • Enhances scope quality and gun mechanisms 

‚ÄčAnd much more!