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  • Added on: Jul 08 2017 05:01 AM
  • Date Updated: Jul 17 2017 03:25 PM
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Reducing sniper rifle recoil

How to reduce recoil easily? Is that fair? Does that really require cheats or scripts?

Posted by kajto3 on Jul 08 2017 05:01 AM
Hi guys. In this little tutorial I'll dispel all doubts about reducing sniper rifle recoil. I'm going to show you how to do this without abusing rules (I suppose).

Most of you know, that there is a recoil in sniper rifle, sometimes bigger or smaller. It mostly depends on FPS count. Less FPS = smaller recoil. It's usually said com_maxfps 71 is best for sniping. I'm not going to explain the whole physics, but I see many experienced players forgetting about this.
Another trick is increasing your up and down mouse sensitivity, which is done with m_pitch cvar. Default value is 0.022 and I use 0.045 for sniping. I also increase my overall sensitivity, but it just helps me aiming. Anyway, changing m_pitch won't reduce recoil itself, but will give you much more control over it. If you practice a bit (moving your hand down right after a shot) you can reduce recoil using your skill.
Some people also set pmove_fixed cvar to 0 while using weapons with recoil, but I'm not sure it works. You can also use it, it shouldn't affect your normal aim.
Now, if you combine it with your class script, you'll get what you're looking for. Wherever you keep your class script, you'll have to load a sniper cfg with it. Here's how I've done this:

In main cfg:
bind key exec snscr
seta snscr "vstr snscr1"
seta snscr2 "exec yourdefaultcfg.cfg***; echo ^1SNIPER CFG UNLOADED; set snscr vstr snscr1"
seta snscr1 "class c 3; [b]exec sniper.cfg[/b]; echo ^1SNIPER; set snscr vstr snscr2"
*** - a config with your default fps, pitch, sensitivity settings etc.

Now create sniper.cfg in your etmain folder:

com_maxfps 71
m_pitch 0.045
If you have any more cvars you like to change when sniping, add them there. Pushing the chosen key will spawn you with sniper rifle and sniper config. Pushing again will unload the sniper config. This method should work on any ET version and mod.

Would you call it a script? Or just changing 2 cvars particularly for sniping? In what point reducing recoil becomes abusive?

While using cheats (programs changing stuff in the game for your benefit) is strictly forbidden, there are still scripts which are considered differently. On many servers and ETPro games, they are not allowed. IMO using scripts with game cvars (that are allowed) is fair. Besides, there's no working sniper script for ET version 2.60 or higher, since there's no command for moving your mouse down. Even if someone uses scripts, created with ways inside ET there's no way any admin can detect it. There are also macros, autohotkey scripts etc but they require lots of adjustment. They are also quite hard to detect, unless some AC scans your computer for cheats, then it might find it.

One thing is for certain: disabling sniper (or pistol) recoil completely is cheating considered in the same way as using aimbots etc. If you see someone with 0 recoil, he most probably uses cheats. You can record a demo and post it on forums so admins can view it closely and take action if needed.

I hope you've learned something new reading my tutorial. Maybe some people will stop calling me or someone "cheater" or "noob" because of using "scripts". I think my method is fair. What do you think?


Note: when you modify the com_maxfps and m_pitch cvars to suit your needs, make sure you stay within the regulated limits! They are usually enforced by a mod, PB, tournament or server settings.