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  • Added on: Apr 27 2017 07:55 AM
  • Date Updated: Apr 27 2017 07:56 AM
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Taking proofs on Insurgency.

In order to report a troublemaker, having proofs is a must no matter where you play on. Bellow you'll find out how to!

Posted by Krusnik87 on Apr 27 2017 07:55 AM
How to take proofs?

First thing, to open the console, you need to press ~ key (for QWERTY keyboard) / ² key (for AZERTY keyboard)
To validate a command, press enter key.
To quit the console, press ESC key.

  • Condumps:
They allow us to get a copy of the console.
To do so, just right: "condump" in console and press enter. This will save the condump in Insurgency folder in the form of: condumpXXX.txt
  • Screenshots:
In order to do so, just write in console: "jpeg", this will take a screenshot and save it in Insurgency subfolder "screenshots"
  • Demos:
Here the tutorial from Mr.Karizmatic


NB: For players who spam voice coms, taking proofs gonna be hard, what i recommend if to take screenshots of you asking the bad dude to stop spamming.


You can bind condump and screenshot command by opening console then write for example: bind F10 condump
and/or you can do: bind F11 jpeg

Some must be wondering, where is hiding the Insurgency folder :)
Should be in place like this:
C or D or whatever\the folder where you did install steam, unless you did install your apps in another folder..\Steamapps\common\insurgency2\insurgency for the "main folder of Insurgency where you'll find out screenshots, demos, condumps...


(=F|A= members have same tutorial in private section with addons suitable for their admin duties.)