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  • Added on: Feb 14 2017 04:12 AM
  • Date Updated: Jun 25 2017 10:15 AM
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Wolf ET : Experienced Players

A few additional tips to better your game

Posted by CheepHeep on Feb 14 2017 04:12 AM

Wolfenstein E.T.: Experienced Players

Once you have become familiar with the basics of ET like memorizing frequent map layouts, understanding the objects and developing your aim as well as movements then it may be apparent that you have maximized your potential in the basics and will find yourself not improving anymore. It is therefore time to further expand your knowledge of ET by picking out the “little” not so obvious details in ET that offer a big advantage to your game play, when mastered, allowing you to become a more effective team player.

If you haven’t yet reached this level, I will leave some links to some other tutorials that may help you down below:-

Beginner's Guide
- Improve Skills

Binding Classes and Spawns

Initially, you may feel lazy to do this but it’s a real big time saver and much less of a hassle. Instead of having to go into Limbo and having to manually select a class, weapon and spawn which can take a considerable amount of time, you can do this with just one click of a button.
Here’s an example of a situation that can often occur and where you would benefit from binding your classes and spawns:


Map: Braundorf_B4

Allied engineer slips past main gate with the assistance of a covert operative and manages to plant a dynamite at the bunker with no resistance and without the knowledge of the Axis players.

Axis’ team players are all stationed at original spawn point. They have 30 seconds to get to the bunker eliminate the allied players positioned there and finally defuse the dynamite. The chances of this occurring is almost nil.

Instead of sprinting all the way to the bunker which would take too long, you can switch spawn points to one closest to the bunker and “Kill Out”. Now, manually switching spawn may take too long and you could risk missing your spawn time in which case you would most likely lose the match. Alternatively, if you have binds allocating to the different spawn points, you can instantly select the spawn point and respawn there a long with your teammates giving you a much higher chance of defusing and regaining control of the map.

Also say for example, there are no engineers, it would save you a good few seconds if you had the engineer class “binded” instead of having to press “L” select class and then confirming it.

You could switch class, spawn point and kill out in a matter of seconds where as if you were to do this manually you would probably waste a solid 10 seconds which will most likely cost you the match or just generally put you and your team at a disadvantage.

How to bind classes

Here are some of my current class binds:

Note : These binds are compatible for Silent Mod. Weapon slots may differ from mod to mod.

bind F3 "class s 4 3;say_team ^1-->^0 Soldier^1 w/ ^0F^1.^0Thrower" 
bind F4 "class c 3 1;say_team ^1--> ^0Covy^1 w/ ^0sniper^1*^0*^1*" 
bind F5 "class c 1 1;say_team ^1--> ^0Covy^1 w/ ^0sten^1*^0*^1*" 
bind F6 "class m 1 1;say_team ^1--> ^0Medic^1*^0*^1*" 
bind F7 "class f 1;say_team ^1--> ^0Field^1O^0ps^1*^0*^1*"
bind F8 "class e 1;say_team ^1--> ^0Engi^1 w/ ^0smg^1*^0*^1*" 
bind f9 “class e 3;say_team ^1--> ^0Engi^1 w/ ^0rnade^1*^0*^1*” 
bind F10 "class s 5 3;say_team ^1--> ^0Soldier^1 w/ ^0Panzer"


Class                          Weapon Select : Primary                                   Weapon Select : Secondary 
s – Solider                    1 – Default weapon                                        1 – Default Weapon (SMG/Akimbo)
c – Covert Ops                 2-5 – Alternative Primary Weapon(s)                       2-3 – Alternative Secondary Weapon(s) 
m – Medic                      1 - Default weapon                                        1-2 - Single/Akimbo
f – Field Ops                  1- Default  weapon                                        1-2 - Single/Akimbo
e - Engineer                   1-2 Alternative Primary Weapon(s)                         1-2 - Single/Akimbo


If you want to switch to a soldier with a panzer and a SMG you would type “class s 5 3”. S for soldier, 5 for Panzerfaust since it’s in the 5th weapon bank and 3 for choosing an SMG as your secondary weapon.

To add text that will show up in your team chat that will notify your teammates which class you are switching to simply add: 


;say_team [text-here]"


How to Bind Spawn Points

I have yet to use this because I am lazy noob so I can’t positively say what the best way to go about this is. I have therefore searched for a relevant thread that accurately explains how this can be done.

Click here :
Spawn/Bind Selector

Spawn Times

This is a very useful and easy method of gaining the upper hand in a game and allowing yourself to effectively plan and execute your objectives with minimal resistance. There are also many alternative advantages that arise from this style of play that could dramatically improve your game statistics.

Spawn Times can vary from server to server so I will use the spawn times settings from the Hardcore server.

Axis: 18 second spawn time
Allies: 14 second spawn time

Now that you know the spawn intervals, you can time when the enemies next respawn time is. To do this, you need to carefully watch for some key pointers that can give away the enemies spawn time.

  • Watch for players that kill out, they will most likely do this just before their spawn time.
  • Note when their spawn protection has depleted. Knock off about 3 seconds to obtain their spawn time.

You could also sacrifice one spawn cycle and hide in the enemies spawn to get an exact spawn time. Its best to do this early in the game, so you can start using their spawn times to your advantage immediately.

To know when their next spawn is, take the clock on your HUD and add 14 or 18 second intervals. Start practicing now and you will start doing it naturally without much thought.
Here’s another Tutorial thoroughly explaining Spawn Times :
Spawn Times

Game Sense and Awareness

This is a very important and major aspect of ET that can make or break your game depending on your level of awareness and predictability skills.
Awareness mostly involves your listening skills. A good pair of headphones would make this easier to master. A few things to listen for:

  • Footsteps/Doors – Track enemy movements without direct eye contact by listening for their footsteps or opening and closing of doors.
  • Gunfire – Pinpoint where your teammates are as well as enemies by listening for gunfire
  • Planting – Engineers planting mines or dynamites. You can kill them as they are unarmed.
  • Switching Weapon – Listen for enemies switching weapon. This gives you a split second advantage.
  • Reloading – Listen for enemies reloading their weapon. They are vulnerable, so attack.
  • Grenades – Listen for grenades. They make a distinct sound when hitting the floor. Avoid them.
  • Panzerfaust – You can hear the Panzerfaust priming. Get to safety. (Hide behind a wall etc.)
  • Constructing – You can instantly predict where Engineers are when you hear this sound. As an Engineer, you can use the sound to lure enemies. Note: On most mods the construction sound is only triggered at the start of the construction
  • Voice chat – most of the time, your team is telling you something urgent. Example: “incoming” which can mean the Enemy is approaching objective or “Fire in the hole” which can signify that your teammate is throwing a grenade, arty or firing a panzer/mortar in a heavy populated region.
  • Covert Ops – If you hear a covert weapon and you find your teammate dead and another “teammate” leaving the scene, most likely the player leaving the scene is in disguise. (look at his weapon).
  • Healing - When a medic is healing himself or their teammates, a distinct sound of a med-pack dropping can be heard. This is a good opportunity to attack as the enemy will be unarmed. ***CREDIT TO HIPKAT***

Another tip: Keep an eye on who has been killed and who has died as it can give you and idea of who is where in the map.


Map: Adlernest

Gengis sees teammate Comatose approaching “documents” area. Gengis leaves the area. A few seconds later it shows that Comatose was killed be enemy CheepHeep. Therefore you can predict that CheepHeep ( Mighty Chicken Power ) is at the “documents” and can choose to either track CheepHeep down or position himself at the radio.

Recording and Reviewing Your Gameplay

Always, always record your gameplay. Not only is it beneficial towards your admin duties ( for admins ) but you can later review the demo and note down what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. This is one of the best ways to overall improve your general skill set. The first step is to know what you are doing wrong, then you can go about correcting it by asking for advice from someone experienced in the area or posting your conundrum on the forums for many to answer. Bind the record button so you can easily activate the record feature. Default : F12.

I have attached a link to a Demo Viewer that has been uploaded to the F|A Downloads section. You can also use ET directly to view the demos you have recorded.

To view demos via ET:

  • Run ET
  • Select "Mod" from the main menu
  • Choose the Mod that you used when you were recording ( Silent, Jaymod, ETPub, ETPro etc. )
  • Select "Replays" after the Mod has loaded
  • Select a demo from the list of recordings

Jot down notes on what you need improving on and keep it in view when you play so you can refer to it. Eventually, your hands will automatically adjust to the new play style.

Demo Viewer <----

Fire-Team and Map

Utilize these functions as they can help you keep track of where your teammates are. You can then allocate your resources to where it’s needed the most.
Fire-Team option allows you to know the exact position and health of your teammate. If you see that their health is decreasing, you can quickly get to their position to assist them. If they call for ammo or a medic, you know their position and can effectively re-supply them.
Use the map (G – Default). This gives you an overall basic layout of whats going on. If your teammate sees an enemy, the enemies position will be updated on the map even if you are no where near them. This allows you to plan what to do next and where to go.

I've attached a tutorial that thoroughly explains what you need to know about FireTeams and how to utilize it properly.

More info :


Reviving is the main plus point of being a medic. Try and revive as much as possible. There are many situations where matches are lost because medics do not revive on time. If you see a teammate down, give yourself 2 seconds to check the surroundings and quickly revive. If the enemy is still around, they have two targets instead of one.
Also, if you are maintaining yourself in a fixed position. For example, to defend a flag or a dynamite. Lay med packs close to you so if you get ambushed or have multiple assailants attacking you, you have a “backup” and will last a lot longer in a fight.

Another added benefit from reviving is that you can use the wounded teammate, that you just revived, as a temporary shield. When you revive someone, there is a period of time where they cant take any damage. You will notice an icon above the revived member to signify that he has temporary protection. Hiding behind your teammate will give you a precious few seconds to switch from your syringe back to your weapon.

Mine/ Dynamite/Arty/Mortar Placement

- Each class has a unique ability and specializes in a certain area. Its important to maximize the potential that each class offers.

Mine placement can a great advantage. Learn to place them where they are deemed most effective. This can be achieved by trial and error or observing which path(s) the enemy frequently takes.
Places to consider :

  • Stairs – Plant one directly at the bottom of the stairs and the a few surrounding it so they cant be jumped over
  • In bushes – Plant mines in low-visibility areas such as bushes.
  • Ammo/Health Racks – Surround these racks with mines to pick off weakened enemies.
  • Construction Sites – Plant mines around construction boxes to pick off Engineers
  • Corners – Position mines that gives minimum time for the enemy to react, for example behind corners. This offers a higher probability of the enemy triggering it.
  • Spawn – position mines within a certain distance from enemy spawn so that the “spawn protection” doesn’t nullify the damage from the mines.



Dynamites can also be used as effective deterrents and distractions instead of only using it for its default function.

  • Refer to mine placement.
  • Place dynamite outside spawn. Consider spawn protection. Get their spawn time so you can perfectly time the 30 second dynamite to inflict maximum damage on enemies.
  • Place Dynamites in frequently active areas to act as a deterrent and a distraction. This causes the enemy to focus on the dynamite so they can avoid it, giving you and your team the upper hand.



Artillery/Mortar (or Satchel):
A well place Artilery can win the game. A bad one can cause havoc to your own team. Same applies to mortar users. A satchel is a useful explosive device too. You can take out Command Posts and place them in strategic positions to knock off the enemies health.

  • Refer to mines/dynamite placement
  • Place at objective points to gain time and an advantage.


ET Configuration

Customizing your own config for ET is one of the last steps to getting to your full potential. It may take some tweaking and guidance from those experienced in this as well as trial and error to see what works and what doesn't, but in the end it should no doubt improve your game :

I had created my own config some years ago before my time with F|A but it seems that I have forgotten a few essentials in making decent configs. So instead I went and looked for a tutorial that could help you guys with this instead.

Check Below!

Few Extra Links:

Went fishing through the tutorials section of ET to show off some of th great tutorials published here as well as to help you guys :) I only ask that you don't start owning me. :)

These are a few extra tips and tricks to maximize your potential in ET.

Remember: Practice makes perfect, but only if you put the effort into it! Game On!

Also, Credit given to all those who have uploaded the tutorials I have attached here.

If I missed anything or you think something is incorrect. Please notify me so I can rectify the issue asap.
Thanks for reading!


Useful Feedback

Here I am going to edit in and credit all useful feedback and responses to the support topic of this tutorial.










Thanks guys, for your input!