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  • Added on: Feb 10 2017 02:03 PM
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How to fix upload problem with demos or photos

Explains how to fix error problems with uploading files.

Posted by Ol Smoke on Feb 10 2017 02:03 PM

When you are trying to upload a demo to the cheaters section and you get an error about the size of the demo and that it won't upload,

here is how to fix that error.


1. Click on the down arrow next to your name on the tool bar next to sign out.


2. Click on "My Settings"


3. Click on  "Manage Attachments" on the listing on the left side of screen.


4. Go to the oldest page of attachments listed, and click on the upper box to select all.


5.  Then click the "Delete" box.


6.  Do this over and over until you have freed up enough space to work with.  It will tell you how much space is available for uploads.