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  • Added on: Feb 03 2017 02:31 PM
  • Date Updated: Feb 04 2017 02:27 AM
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Cheep Tutorials : Incubating Chicken Eggs

- A guide on how to expand the numbers of the glorified chicken race in order to take over and conquer the world

Posted by CheepHeep on Feb 03 2017 02:31 PM
A Guide on How to Incubate Chicken Eggs

This is a thorough guide on how to increase my chicken race in hopes to finally spread fear into the eyes of men and to finally take revenge on the flesh eating slobs that call themselves human beings.

The cute thing about chickens or any bird really is that the first thing they see, they assume is their parent. When I first hatched chicken eggs, they used to follow me around the house. Even in their adult age, they will worship you. They get upset when you leave the house. They follow you around. They sleep with you. They come running when you call his/her name. ( truth, my chickens did this ) They eat with you! STOP EATING THEM! JK they are pretty tasty though.

They are really easy to hatch actually but once hatched they require the same attention as a cat or a dog! But they are better than them in the sense that if you manage to hatch females, you get free "free ranged" eggs!

Step 1 : Buying a Suitable Incubator

Incubators are available to purchase online or at selected pet stores.

What you need to know/consider :

- Number of eggs you wish to incubate : Beginner start small ~ around 10 eggs capacity
- Success rate of incubator : some eggs will fail to hatch
- Manual / Automatic turning of eggs
- Forced Air vs. Still Air : Forced Air allows for even distribution of air, temperature and humidity
- Thermometers/ Hydrometers : monitor the temperature and humidity
- Efficiency : Incubator will be constantly on for a long period of time so consider energy usage

Step 2 : Obtaining Eggs and Choosing Breed

What you need to do :

- Choose breed of chicken you want.
- Choose suitable source to obtain FERTILE eggs :
- Only wash the eggs with warm water or with special "egg washing soap" : Protective layer gets damaged
- Ensure eggs are in perfect condition
- Allow eggs to settle for at least 12 hours if posted : Ensure insides have settled

Step 3 : Setting up incubator

What you will need to do :

- Set Temperature of the incubator (Farenheit) :
~ Forced Air : 99 - 99.5 degrees
~ Still Air : 101 - 102 degrees
- Set Humidity to 50% for the first 2 1/2 weeks then increase to 65% for the last few days.
- Place thermometer/hydrometer in a visible place inside the incubator

Step 4 : Incubation!

What you will need to do :

- Ensure temperature and humidity is steady at correct values
- Mark eggs on the top side and bottom side
- Gently place eggs inside the incubator
- After approximately 3 weeks. The eggs should hatch.
- Please read "IMPORTANT"


- Turn over eggs 3-4 times a day! (use markings to help you turn it over accurately )
- Ensure there is proper ventilation or eggs will dry up. There should be vents in your incubator that you will need to open up eventually. ( explained in incubator manual )
- Check thermometer and hydrometer readings daily!
- Ensure you have a suitable place to put the chicks once they hatch!
- Ensure you have food and water ready once hatched.

Note : I will make a tutorial on how to handle newly born chicks and how to look after them all the way to adult stage! Posted Image

Brought to you by King Chicken : Cheep Heep!