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  • Added on: May 31 2009 03:07 AM
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10 Shooting tips

Posted by righteous kill on May 31 2009 03:07 AM
Here are some basic tips to shoot with higher accuracy and with more headshots. I know I'm not the best shot around but these are basic tips that would help anyone who is new or open to some suggestions.

1. Get a good sensitivity

Depending on the type of mouse and the default windows mouse settings you use, everyones ideal mouse sensitivity differs. The best way I feel to get the best sensitivity is to join a server and start with a low sensitivity and slowly raise it until you feel comfortable shooting AND moving. Having a super low sensitivity will give you super "great" aiming skills at midrange, but players aren't always a decent distance away. The key is to find a balance between what feels comfortable aiming at a distance and in up close battles as well as moving around the map.

2. Keep your head up

This is probably the most important and basic tip ever given to me when playing. When moving through the map, keep your crosshairs headlevel in all circumstances. This will greatly increase your headshots and give you an advantage to others who have to drag their crosshair up to the head. I'd say 75% of the time when getting the first headshot, you will win the fight if you can just hang on and get a few body shots afterward. Remember, 3 headshots at close range will do the job.

3. Expect the enemy

If you know where the enemy is typically is coming from, keep your crosshairs at headlevel at that position. When they run around the corner, you have a two headshot advantage against them. Always note where the hotspots are and keep the crosshair in those areas when running through.

4. Crouch, crouch, crouch

When you are shooting at a distance, crouching gives you a more accurate shot. By crouching, your shots will land closer to where your crosshairs are with less spread. Moving side to side while crouching makes it harder to hit you because the hitbox for your head is awkward and makes it tough for players to hit. Also, a tap crouch technique is useful in battles that are upclose because many players aim for the head, and by crouching they completely miss you giving you a few extra shots to take them down.

5. Burst fire

With a thompson or mp40, burst fire doesn't feel like it would give you any type of advantage because in most situations you feel like you need to unload your clip to take down the enemy. But the truth is, burst fire gives you more accuracy and will help your shots have less spread and hit with a higher %.

6. Tracking

I can always tell if a player is truly skilled by watching them track players from a distance. Good players can tear apart 4 or 5 players from the side by tracking their motion. While the players run past without noticing you, a good player can track their head with their crosshair and take them down in less than 10 shots.

7. Keep moving

When shooting others, stay constantly moving if you feel vulnerable. Moving doesn't seem like it would help your aim, however if done correctly, it gives you a great advantage. Using sprint while moving in a irregular pattern back and forth makes you harder to hit therefore helping your aim.

8. Crosshair/field of view

Edit the crosshair by hitting esc. Many good players use the small dot because it gives you an accurate crosshair without all the extras. I prefer the dot with the ring around it. Use a color that contrasts against the background of most maps, such as limegreen or red. Some players change the crosshair on certain maps such as fuel dump or radar to give them the best contrast. Change the field of view by typing /cg_fov 100 in console. You can select from 90-120ish area (not exactly sure how high). The best fov I've found was around 100-105. Raising your fov too high gives you a disadvantage at a distance, however going too low, around 90, gives you a disadvantage to upclose battles. There is a script that allows you to toggle fov by scrolling that is often used but is pretty silly I think.

9. Turn the sound off

Yeah this sounds stupid, but I've found it really helps me. Turning the sound off makes you rely on your sight and helps you focus on purely shooting. Sure this isn't very advantageous in most situations, but it really does work. If you are getting owned by some guy and its pissing you off, hit the mute button and take him down. Try it.

10. I can't think of a 10th tip.

If you only could only take home one tip given above, use #2. Keeping your crosshairs at headlevel is something almost noone does and it makes an immediate difference.