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  • Added on: Jul 26 2016 09:35 PM
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COD4: How to Use Dead Spectator

A brief tutorial on using dead spectator mode to spectate potential hackers.

Posted by SinfulRaevyn on Jul 26 2016 09:35 PM

Hiya! Welcome to the tutorial for Recording in Dead Spectator Mode!

We still have many members that are not sure how to do this, or forget why it is often important to do this, so I thought I would outline how and why Dead Spectator is important in COD4 demos. :3

COD4 has been out for a very long time, now. Because of this, there are some very good players that make you question their authentic ability to make those strange kills you keep seeing. From quick sniping to people coming around the corner or maybe even people hiding behind walls! Some long time players can even shoot through floors to kill you!


Now when something like this happens, your first instinct is to rush into spectator and see what these nefarious players may be doing. After all, it's impossible! They must be cheating! And if they're cheating... well.. you must have video evidence to prove that this player is cheating so you can smack them with the ban hammer!


The problem though, comes with the fact that even for experienced admin, you can't tell when UAV is up for the problem player. Which... may get a ban overturned.. or prevented if not everyone agrees with the evidence. <_<

This is where Dead Spectator comes in!




What is Dead Spectator?

This is a mode of spectator that places you on a team and pretends that you are a dead player, but still gives you the ability to watch players from beyond the grave.


With dead spectator you can hear voice command calls of your team, and you can see chat calls for when UAV is up for your team or the enemy team. This is the definitive spectator mode for your lovely team admins to make an official decision if a player is using esp and wallhacks, or if they really know how to use UAV like a pro. :3


Not only that, but you can use admin commands in team chat! So if you want to alias a cheater or get his number with pl, you can do so without spooking them!





How do I access Dead Spectator?!


Mmmmmk, let's begin!


First thing, you want to press ESCAPE to choose a team. I would check both teams to see which one has an available space first. Prevents auto-assign change. >.<










Now from here... don't choose a class. ^.^ Instead, press ESCAPE or CLICK BACK. This will exit the menu!










You can see I am now on a team, but I am still in spectator mode! ^_~  I am free to talk to other admin in team chat, watch funky players, and secretly use admin commands if need be! (Alias, !pl)












And the great part? Now when you submit evidence against a cheater you are unsure of, your wonderful team members can now browse the kill feed to see when UAV is in play, to tell if something a player does should or shouldn't be possible!












It's really that simple! <33








I have an accompanying video as well for the TL;DR crowd ^_^






Thanks for taking the time to view my tutorial!