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  • Added on: May 25 2016 03:32 AM
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How to delete capslock key

A simple registry hack for remapping keys for windows.

Posted by RendeL on May 25 2016 03:32 AM

Isn't it really annoying to see that you have just typed your whole message ingame with capslock on? Or just typed an admin command with capslock on?




That is why I started to google and found a program that did remove the capslock key entirely from use. I did the same for the left windows button.


If I want to use the CAPITALS, there is still the shift key for it.


So here we go:


1. Download Sharpkeys program HERE and unzip it


2. Run the program as administrator


3. For a new key set, choose the Add  -button




4. Find from Map this key (From key) - list the key you want to change  (in this example it is left windows key) and next from To this key (To key) - list the key which you want to replace the first one (in example windows key will be turned off from use)




You can also select the keys by pressing Type Key - button, just type a key and then press OK




5. The changes you wanted now shows on the list (double check that it is the right keys), press Write to Registry - button to save this setting in the registry (in example the capslock key will be turned off)




6. To apply the changes made in the registry, you need to reboot your pc



For canceling the changes you made above is simple:


1. Run Sharpkeys as administrator


2. Select the keyset you want to delete


3. Press Delete - button


4. Press Write to registry - button




5. Reboot your pc