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  • Added on: Feb 20 2016 03:14 PM
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Csgo map| Cruise | Competitive spots tutorial (With ss)

Some very good spots that can help you out a lot! :)

Posted by Sonofdoc on Feb 20 2016 03:14 PM

So here we will start off with the terrorist side spots! Just follow along with the images!




First, we have a spot at the bar!


You can sit in this spot and easily pick off some people.


Next, we have a spots near the upper hostage.


Now we have a spot in the corner, and a spot near the piano for people who like a challenge :D




We will start off the counter terrorists with 2 spots I love :D

(There are only 2 spots that I really found very useful to me)


Our final spot will be for the terrorist team in terms of stopping the guy carrying the hostage :D



If u have some spot suggestions plz put them down below! I will be doing tutorials for different maps in the future!


Tank u all very much!!!! :D





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