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  • Added on: Jan 29 2016 03:07 PM
  • Date Updated: Jan 29 2016 08:52 PM
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Get more kills and play better: A guide for beginners

Improve your skills with this f***ing guide.

Posted by AcidParadox on Jan 29 2016 03:07 PM

If you can get more than 50 kills in a 30-minute map, this guide is NOT for you. This guide is intended for beginners that want to be a better teammate and improve their performance whether you want to complete objective or get more kills on pub matches.

The first thing I would like to recommend is to get better equipment that make you feel comfortable, there’s no point in giving you tips if you will not feel comfortable playing on a slow computer or a laggy internet connection, so make sure you are happy with your current setup first.

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Basic strats:

Learn to use and manage sprint

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One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is that they will hold the shift key when they respawn and they will drain it in less than 4 seconds. Sprint makes you harder for your enemy to hit you and without it there’s a higher risk of you getting killed faster. Only use sprint if you need to rush an objective point like a dynamite or a flag capture. In combat use sprint only if the enemy is aware of you (Ex. 1vs1) or if you are chasing somebody unaware with you.

Notice that I mentioned chasing someone UNAWARE of you which comes to my next rule:

Never follow someone who is aware of you

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You are following somebody and suddenly you turn down a corner and bang... you are dead by a grenade, r nade, poison knife or even by headshot. When you are following someone, you are giving him control of the outcome because since he knows you are following him, you are being predictable which a big NO to the golden rule. If you really need to chase down the guy due your ego or objective wise, take another route and ambush him or don’t go alone.

Listen to your environment

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Turn off your Spotify, crank up the game volume and train your ears to react according to the situation. Listen to footsteps, guns reloading, panzer, etc. These will tell you what the enemy is doing without the need to see them.

Conserve ammo

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One of the common mistakes that players make is that they will hold the attack button when they encounter somebody until one of them is dead. If he takes cover, stop shooting. The next time you encounter an enemy, let him shoot you, but take cover and keep teasing him by getting out momentarily. Stay sharp and as soon you hear his gun reloading, that’s the sound cue to get out and kick his ass.

Choose your gameplay style
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There are two styles when playing against one or more players, offensive and defensive. Let’s put this scenario, John is playing in a public match and he suddenly encounters 3 enemy players and they engage combat. If John feels that he has more experience than his enemies he will try to take them out as fast as possible and even chase them down if they try to run away, this is an example of Offensive style. If John feels that he needs to keep as much health as possible, he will back off and take cover while shooting them and force their enemies to following them, therefore becoming predictable and taking them off. This is an example of defensive style. One is faster but riskier and the other one is slower but safer. My advice here is to never stick to only one style because then you will become predictable to experienced players, always adapt to your situation and choose the style that’s more fit to make you survive.

Learn to retreat

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There’s no point in attacking an enemy when you have 20 hp or keep fighting if he has done more damage than you in less time. If you feel that you are going to die, back off. If you are a medic, heal briefly while running away and get ready, because he will definitely follow you, but soon he will realize he made a big mistake in following someone who is aware of him, so turn the tables and take him out.

Learn to /kill

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You are probably aware that you can bind a key to kill yourself “/bind k kill”, but most beginners only use it when they are stuck or they are out of mortar rounds. You want to stay alive as much as possible and you want to avoid staying dead right? By killing yourself properly you can stay alive on the field longer.

Let’s say you are against the god of Wolfenstein aka Maddog and he ambushes close to your spawn. As he is mowing you down your hp with his mad skills you notice that your respawn timer is at 2 and on that instant you know that are not going to be able to take Maddog in your current condition so what do you do? Press k to kill yourself and since you were close to spawn you will be able to track him down and take the legend down.

Boom, there you go. There are more uses for this function, but you get the idea.

Learn the map

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Learn what engies do on this map, where the raters camp, where the mortar shoots and from where, learn the quickest and alternative routes to objective, etc. Make the players predictable on every map.

Play on the weak team

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If you always play on the strongest team, all the matches will be easy and you will never have a chance to improve since you are not having challenges. How to detect the weak team? check /scores or if you see people rage quitting, that’s the weak team. You will know that you are getting better if the match turns in favor to the weak team after you joined them, sometimes one or two players evening the teams can make the difference.

Advanced Strategies

Learn to aim with your mouse

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There are tons of people that tell you that pro players aim with keyboard, but that’s just lazy and wrong, but I will tell you why later. You aim with your mouse, period. Your keyboard should only assist you on long distances or to dodge the enemy attack. The only way to improve this is to practice and play, but keep in mind that you need to play and push yourself to develop better abilities. Your objective should be to aim faster and stay accurate.

Counter left-right-left-right kids

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Click here to see animation

Remember why I told you that aiming with your keyboard sucks? Most people that go 1vs1 in Wolfenstein tend to strafe left-right-left-right, it’s funny because they all even strafe at the same pace. They do this because they are aiming with the keyboard by pressing left and right keys to track your movement. If you do the same, you are doing exactly what they want and you will become predictable, risking yourself in getting killed.
The easiest way to counter this is to force him out of his comfort zone and make him aim with mouse. How to do this? Get out of his “left-right” zone, do some circle strafe or go diagonal and keep your crosshair on your opponent (with your mouse, please).
If you are in an area where you can’t get out of his aiming range (Ex. A hallway), most people tend to start strafing by pushing left first which will be your right. Take advantage of this and try to predict his movement and get him. This can be tricky at first, especially if they are sprinting, but keep practicing and study your enemy.

Learn to pre-aim

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Just because you can’t see your enemy doesn’t mean you are not able to predict where is he and when he will pop out. Try to play like you were using an imaginary wallhack, always keep your crosshair on a spot where you think the enemy’s head is going to pop out.

Learn to pre-aim with peripheral vision

Posted Image

This is useful to deal with multiple enemies (aware/unaware of you). While you are focusing shooting your first target, use your peripheral vision to locate the second target and as soon as the first one is dead, you will be able to aim faster and switch to the next one. One way to train this is to open any aim trainer online, let the first target appear but don’t shoot it until the next one appears. The trick here is that you must not shoot the second without taking your eyes away from the first one.

Learn to predict

  • Most people with R-nades will shoot as soon as they see you. So if you encounter one, retreat out of his rnade reach, listen to his rnade explode and go back and take him out. You can apply this with panzers and knife throwers.
  • Most Rambo medics make the mistake of healing till full health when they get injured, so they will hide in corners until they fully heal. It takes approximately 6 seconds to restore all of their health, so if you see a medic running away, you have 6 seconds to track him down and take him out. If you are the one running away and he’s following you, restore your health briefly and keep fighting.
  • This can be a mistake or a good stategy. When you kill somebody (Need a medic!) don’t finish them off if you know there’s a medic around. They will instinctively rush to heal their teammates, so you will know where is he going and even better, most beginner medics tend to take out their revive needle without checking their surroundings, so he will be defenseless. It’s up to you to take him out before he reaches his teammate or if you feel confident, let him heal his teammate first, kill the medic while the revived teammate has respawn protection and kill him again when that status effect wears off. It all up to your aim and gamesense skills.
  • All flamers (jaymod) will double jump while aiming to the floor, to counter this, mimic their movement and double jump at their pace while staying out of his flames reach.
  • If you are against multiple targets, take the ones without helmet first.
  • In warmup, go out as fast as you can, but don’t attack anybody. Look where all your enemies are going and try to not get kill. After warmup ends, I can assure you that they will use the same route again, so it will be like rewinding time, but this time attack them.
That's all k thanks bye