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  • Added on: May 21 2015 05:26 AM
  • Date Updated: May 21 2015 05:31 AM
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How to make a video to picture(moving), for signature.

I want to let u know how u can make a video to a moving picture (you've probably saw some pics like a video).
I use this technique to make a video like signature.
(If you want a moving signature, u can tell be because it is a long process and i can't make a tutorial of it)

Posted by FireFist on May 21 2015 05:26 AM
Here i'm going to show u a simple process for converting a video to a moving picture. ( the pic will be called anyname.gif)
(i made this tutorial specially for using the .gif pic for your signature because i saw signatures like this and wanted to make a tutorial to let u know that it's not difficult as u think, u can use it everywhere if u want)

Now Let's Go To Process:
1.U can convert a video online to .gif but it takes too long, so u can download a converter for it (very simple and only for video to .gif)
Here's the link that i use: http://movie-to-gif.en.softonic.com/
2.After Installation, u get this (after opening):
Posted Image

3.Open the video u want to convert from the "Open" button on the top left.
u get this:
Posted Image

4.Go where your videos are, then open up a video.I maded a signature for DD so going to open it up(it is a video).
U get your video on it when u double clicked, as above:
Posted Image
My video started from blank that's why it is white,
You can see the blue lined area, that is your video(u can watch it from there by moving that little circle in start).
You can see the red lined area, that is for cutting your video, u can move the circle and set the start of cutting then put the circle where u want to end and cut your video. (if u want your video as it is, then leave this step).

5.Now as u can see there is width and height customization (red lined), if u want a good result of your pics then make it bigger (like i use 600*150), (don't worry that your pic will be of high MBs, it will not, i'm sure).
On the bottom left u see many options, they are in standard settings, u should leave them as they are.
But, plz don't forget to change the color option to 256 color, or your colors will be different from the video. (happened to me)
Posted Image

6.Now as you've done all, u can click on "Save as GIF" button on the top center.
Save it where u want and then......
Go and open it to see magic :)

7.As you know how to set it on your signature, just like u upload an image on a site to set it here, upload it like the same.

Thanks For Having a look!