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  • Added on: Aug 19 2014 05:25 AM
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Common Problems For Wolfenstien : Enemy Territory and Solutions

This Tutorial will help u solve all the general et problems and errors u get when you play et and xp loss and lag hope it solves or u can pm me :)

Posted by Mr.Karizmatic on Aug 19 2014 05:25 AM

The most Common Problems in W:ET and there solutions 


The General errors we get in et when we start to play or install a new game or sometimes unexpected error etc... In this tutorial u shall get to know the errors and there solutions and u shall have solution for lag so all the errors and lag and xp loss u shall find in this tutorial...


ERROR 1 : Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed Pure server check : If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure you check the box that says "Run as Administrator". Not doing so will cause problems for ET.If you don't know what to do, rick click on the ET icon and press "Properties". Click on the Compatibility tab. Look at the Privilege Level section and check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator". 


ERROR 2: Hunk allocate temp memory: failed on 3145784 :Some maps need more memory than the default. Change the setting "com_hunkmegs" to 128. You can set it higher, but only if you have lots of ram. 128 should be fine for anything.

ERROR 3 : nv4_disp.dll + infinate loop : This is a problem that might occur from an Nvidia graphics card. This error is not that common, but I decided to post it here anyway, as I heard Nvidia graphics cards don't work well with ET on rare occasion. To fix it, you need to install a patch, which can be found here: http://forums.nvidia...?showtopic=4432
ERROR 4: openGL subsystem failure" error : You need to update your graphics card drivers. You may even have to try an older driver. You may also need to remove the extension limit for you graphics card if you use Nvidia. It is possible for this to be caused by an antivirus or firewall. It is also possible that you need a newer sound driver, though graphics is more likely.
ERROR 5: jagged black areas, shiny surfaces, messed up colors, ect : This one is difficult to describe, hopefully you recognize it if you have it. First, make sure that r_primitives is not set to 3 (should be 0 I think?). Try updating you graphics drivers. Try disabling Catalyst A.I. if you use an ATI card.
ERROR 6: Punkbuster problem "O/S Exception Violation / Ignoring Queries #9006"/ : Try updating punkbuster manually. You can get this error if PB failed to auto-update. If you still have the problem, open Task Manager. Look for PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe in processes. If it isn't there, look in Services. If both of those are in neither tab, you will get this error. Restart your computer. If they are present, or restarting didn't work, try making sure you are logged on as admin and have compatibility mode for Windows XP. Turning off the UAC might work, but it is recommended NOT to do so.
ERROR 7: Punkbuster keeps kicking me for ignoring MD5 tool queries. How do I fix it? : This is likely because a firewall or antivirus on your computer is blocking PB. Tell it to allow PB, or disable it while playing ET (turning off your firewall is not recommended).
ERROR 8: PunkBuster keeps kicking me for no CD_KEY : Start ET and enter "/pb_cdkeyreg" into the console.
ERROR 9:could not open default cfg" : These problems are most likely caused because you are missing some necessary paks. Make sure you never delete any paks named pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, or mp_bin.pk3. If you have deleted them, you will need to extract them from a fresh installation of ET, or reinstall ET.
If it says Couldn't load an official pak file, it may also mean that you are trying to connect to a server using a different ET version. Some servers run on 2.55 only, make sure you are not playing on 2.60b version.
ERROR 10 :cl_ParseServerMessage: Illegible Server Message 0 : You may have older versions of pk3's that you need to get rid of. Delete some older pk3's from etmain and/or a mod folder. You can always download the ones you need from the server, but make sure you do not delete everything, as some paks are necessary to play ET: pak0, pak1, pak2, or mp_bin.
Now Here It is About LAG 

Check the setting of com_maxfps for starters. Make sure it isn't a low number, it should be at least the 40s or up. Next, try setting cg_drawfps to 1. Look near your kill-counter to see your FPS. If your FPS number is low when you lag, you have CPU based lag. If you have a high FPS number but still lag, it is connection lag. A high ping also determines connection lag, such as 400+, which you can check while pressing tab. Check the cfg section of this forum and try my low graphics cfg to reduce cpu lag.
As for connection lag, try setting these cvars to these values based on your connection :
-----56K Modem-----------

cl_maxpackets "20"
cl_packetdup "0"
snaps "20"
rate "5000"

-----ISDN Single (64K)---------

cl_maxpackets "30"
cl_packetdup "1"
snaps "20"
rate "7000"

---ISDN MultiConection/DSL (128K)---

cl_maxpackets "60"
cl_packetdup "1"
snaps "20"
rate "15000"

----DSL 256K or faster-----

cl_maxpackets "100"
cl_packetdup "1"
snaps "20"
rate "25000"



There isn't much else in game you can do to lower your ping. You would have to have less background internet usage or have less people tapping into the same connection. Maybe you just have a slow Internet Service Provider. 
I lost or keep losing my xp and admin levels!
Always save the file named "etkey" found in the etmain folder of your ET directory. This file contains the code called a GUID used to identify who you are when you connect to a server, so that it can give you your xp and admin levels. Email this file to yourself or keep it on a flashdrive so you can restore it any time you need to. If you lost your GUID from something like reinstalling ET, just paste and replace into the etmain folder to insert your etkey if you ever need to.
To get back xp that was lost and you didn't save your etkey, you will have to ask an admin of the server to put xp or admin levels onto your current GUID. Should you do this, make sure to gather up as much proof as possible (screenshots, videos, reliable witnesses).
It is possible that you lost your xp some other way than your GUID being changed, in which case replacing your etkey cannot help you. Your xp could be lost by being taken away by an admin, or you were inactive from the server for too long.
Xfire has been known to overwrite your etkey. Should your etkey be continuously overwritten, right click on your etkey, go to properties, and make it a "read only" file.
ERROR 11: I am getting kicked for "Bad User Info": You need to create a new profile in ET. You may also have to delete your old profiles, in etmain folder and all mod folders of you ET directory.
ERROR 12: My binds and settings keep resting to default! : Delete profile.pid in the profile folder of etmain and mod folders in your etmain directory and try again. Also if profile.cfg becomes larger than 21kb, it will not load. To fix this, place all your binds and settings into a cfg named "autoexec.cfg" which will automatically be run when you start up ET.

Well I think i Covered Most of Them well still if u couldn't Find any U can search in Tutorials Section : http://fearless-assa....com/tutorials/ or u can pm any admin or U can Pm Me or my xfire : ghostridermufeed...
Cheers hope this tutorial help you all :)....