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  • Added on: Nov 03 2009 11:18 AM
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Finally: A real CFG (config)-building guide!!

Have fun with it and ask me bout it anytime!

Posted by Shaky >:D on Nov 03 2009 11:18 AM
Coloured text/name:

To colour your text/name you only need to type the "^" symbol and a number/letter/symbol, of a colour, below in front of your text/name.

All colours:
Posted Image

"^wYoyo is funny!" = Yoyo is funny!(hold it to see the white text)
"^0Recoil is skilled!" = Recoil is skilled!
"^@Fifth is awesome!" = Fifth is awesome!
"^1DareDev!l has alot of guts!" = DareDev!l has alot of guts!Before you start writing scripts, you need to put your scripts somewhere! That place is called your config file.

Creating an own config/exec file:

Enemy Territory automatically checks for a file called autoexec.cfg every time it runs. If it exists, then ET runs whatever scripts are in that file. If you just installed ET though, it doesn't exist so you have to create it.

1.) Run the programm called 'Editor'
- Start >>> All programms >>> 'Accessories'? >>> Editor
- and open a new file

2.) Save the file
- save it as 'autoexec.cfg' or your own name, but don't forget the .cfg at the end.
- save it in your 'Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory' >>> 'etmain' folder.

Uploading your config/exec file:

Start Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory join any server and open the console, with the [^] button, under the [ESC] button, and type this:
/exec autoexecIf you got an own execname then this:
/exec THE NAME OF YOUR EXEC...and press [ENTER]

Make sure you've deleted, with [backspace] button, all symbols in the console.

After pressing [ENTER], console will tell you,if it uploaded the config/exec file successfully or not, like you see in the screenshot "execing autoexec".

Binding in the exec/config file:
1.) Open your exec/config file with 'Editor'
2.) Type a bind like mentioned below:

bind [BUTTON] vsay/say/say_team/sayfireteam [COMMAND] [TEXT]

vsay = sound(+text), everybody can see it in the chat
say = only text, everybody can see it in the chat
say_team = only text, only your team can see it in the chat
say_fireteam = only text, only your fireteam can see it in the chat

All Commands:

Command: "Like you see it in the game"

EnemyDisguised: "Enemy in disguise!"
PathCleared: "Path cleared."
EnemyWeak: "The enemy is weakened."
AllClear: "All clear."
Incoming: "Incoming!"
FireInTheHole: "Fire in the hole!"
OnDefense: "I'm on defense."
OnOffense: "I'm attacking."
TakingFire: "Taking fire!"
MinesCleared: "Mines cleared."
NeedBackup: "I need backup!"
CoverMe: "Cover me!"
NeedEngineer: "We need an engineer!"
NeedOps: "We need Covert Ops!"
Medic: "Medic!"
NeedAmmo: "I need ammo!"
NeedTarget: "I need a target!"
WhereTo: "Where to?"
FollowMe: "Follow me!"
LetsGo: "Let's go!"
Move: "Move!"
ClearPath: "Clear the path!"
HoldFire: "Hold fire!"
DefendObjective: "Defend our objective!"
DisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"
ClearMines: "Clear the mines!"
ReinforceDefense: "Reinforce the defense!"
ReinforceOffense: "Reinforce the offense!"
DestroyPrimary: "Destroy the primary objective!"
DestroySecondary: "Destroy the secondary objective!"
DestroyConstruction: "Destroy the construction!"
ObjectiveDestroyed: "Objective destroyed!"
RepairVehicle: "Repair the vehicle!"
DestroyVehicle: "Destroy the vehicle!"
EscortVehicle: "Escort the vehicle!"
FireOnTarget: "Fire on my target!"
CommandAcknowledged: "Command acknowledged!"
CommandDeclined: "Command declined!"
CommandCompleted: "Command completed!"
ConstructionCommencing: "Construction underway!"
ConstructionCompleted: "Construction completed!"
ConstructionDestroyed: "Construction destroyed!"
ObjectiveFailed: "Objective failed!"
ObjectiveCompleted: "Objective completed!"
Affirmative: "Yes!"
Negative: "No!"
Thanks: "Thanks a lot!"
Welcome: "You're welcome."
Oops: "Oops!"
Sorry: "Sorry!"
Hi: "Hi!"
Bye: "Bye."
Cheer: "Yeah!"
GreatShot: "Great shot!"
GoodGame: "Good game!"
IamSoldier: "I'm a soldier."
IamMedic: "I'm a medic."
IamEngineer: "I'm an engineer."
IamFieldOps: "I'm a field ops."
IamCovertOps: "I'm a covert ops."
FTMeetWaypoint: "Meet at waypoint!"
FTAttackWaypoint: "Attack waypoint!"
FTchecklandmines: "Check for landmines!"
FTDefendWaypoint: "Defend waypoint"
FTAttack: "Attack!"
FTFallBack: "Fall back!"
FTCheckLandMines: "Check for landmines!"
FTCoverMe: "Cover me!"
FTCoveringFire: "Soldier, covering fire!"
FTMortar: "Deploy mortar!"
FTHealSquad: "Heal the squad!"
FTHealMe: "Heal me!"
FTReviveTeamMate: "Revive team mate!"
FTReviveMe: "Revive me!"
FTDestroyObjective: "Destroy objective!"
FTRepairObjective: "Repair objective!"
FTConstructObjective: "Construct the objective!"
FTDisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"
FTDeployLandmines: "Deploy landmines!"
FTDisarmLandmines: "Disarm landmines!"
FTCallAirStrike: "Call airstrike!"
FTCallArtillery: "Call artillery!"
FTMortarBarrage: "Call mortar barrage!"
FTResupplySquad: "Resupply squad!"
FTResupplyMe: "Resupply me!"
FTExploreArea: "Explore area!"
FTExploreAtCoordinates: "Explore at co-ordinates!"
FTSatchelObjective: "Destroy satchel objective!"
FTInfiltrate: "Infiltrate!"
FTGoUndercover: "Go undercover!"
FTProvideSniperCover: "Provide sniper cover!"

Example vsay bind:
bind x vsay hi ^1hello everybody!
-> Then you see 'hello everybody! in the chat and hear the "Hello" sound, by pressing the [x] button.

Example say/say_team/say_fireteam bind:
bind x say ^1hello everybody!
-> Then you only see 'hello everybody! in the chat, by pressing the [x] button.
Binding in the game:
1.) Start Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and open the console
- Make sure you've deleted, with [backspace] button, all symbols in the console.
2.) Type a bind like mentioned below:

It's almost the same, like if you do it in the congig/exec file, just with the "/" in front of the full bind:
/bind [BUTTON] vsay/say/say_team/say_fireteam [COMMAND] [TEXT]

Example vsay bind:
/bind x vsay hi ^1hello everybody!
-> Then you see 'hello everybody! in the chat and hear the "Hello" sound, by pressing the [x] button.

Example say/say_team/say_fireteam bind:
/bind x say ^1hello everybody!
-> Then you only see 'hello everybody! in the chat, by pressing the [x] button.
Useful stuff for binds:

Text shortcuts:

There are some very cool text shortcuts you can use only on jaymod:

[a] = last person who gave you ammo
[d] = last person who killed you
[h] = last person who gave you health
[k] = last person you killed
[l] = your current location
[n] = your name
[r] = last person who revived you
[p] = teammate you are pointing at
[s] = your health
[w] = weapon you are currently holding
[t] = ammo for current weapon

bind n vsay NeedAmmo ^1I have only [t] ammo in my [w]!
-> Then you see 'I have only 23 ammo in my mp40! in the chat and hear the "I need Ammo" sound, by pressing the [x] button.

Bindable buttons/keys:

Alphabet: A-Z
Numbers: 0-9
Function keys: F1-F12
Punctuation: -[]/\'.,;~=
Left mouse button: MOUSE1
Right mouse button: MOUSE2
Middle mouse button: MOUSE3
More mouse buttons: MOUSE4/MOUSE5 (some mice have extra buttons)
Mousewheel scroll up: MWHEELUP
Mousewheel scroll down: MWHEELDOWN


bind MOUSE3 kill
-> Then you will kill yourself, by pressing the [MOUSE3] button.