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  • Added on: Mar 07 2014 03:40 PM
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Transferring Player Profile from PC to Mac

transferring the player profile from PC to Max and vice-versa.

Posted by KILLERGUN on Mar 07 2014 03:40 PM
pc to mac player profile

Hey Guys,


This tutorial is for those guys who have been playing COD4 on PC for a while and decided to shift to an apple platform. This tutorial is relevant for both iMacs and Macbooks. The same tutorial can be used to transfer player profile from Mac to PC. So here goes:


PC Side:


Step 1: Go to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare folder on whichever hard drive that you have installed the game. 


Step 2: Go to Data --> Players


Step 3: Copy all the contents of the players folder on to a flash drive or upload onto dropbox or similar website


Mac Side:


Step 1: Go to Call of Duty 4 folder on your Mac hard drive.


Step 2: Go to Data --> Players


Step 3: Paste the contents of the players folder that you had backed up into this folder.


Bingo! You should be all set!


Tip: Try having 2 player profile on your pc. one of them could be the one you dont use frequently and dont care if it gets reset. When you paste the contents of the backed up folder into the mac folder, edit the active.txt file to the unused profile. This is so that in case you start the game and the stats get reset, your regular profile is safe.

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