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  • Added on: Dec 06 2012 04:01 AM
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Pimp my HUD!

This is a tutorial where i will show how to change the colors of the killfeed, chat and the scoreboard.

Posted by LainTime/Bazingaa^_- on Dec 06 2012 04:01 AM
Hey boys and girls!

I thought i would share with you guys how to pimp your killfeed, chat and score board on CoD4!

Here is how it will look like after we are done (if you use the same colors as me)
This is how the score board will look.
Posted Image

And this is how the killfeed will look like
Posted Image

Okay so lets get started!

First thing you want to do is open up your mp_config.cfg and remove " bind TAB "+scores" " and replace it with "bind TAB "+scores; g_scorescolor_allies 0 0 1 1; g_scorescolor_axis 1 .5 0 1; g_scorescolor_free 0 0 0 0" "

(remove the red ")
This will make your scoreboard orange and blue.

Now over to the killfeed and the chat.
Remove "bind W "+forward" " and replace it with " bind W "+forward; g_teamcolor_myteam 0 1 1 0; g_Teamcolor_allies 0 0.9 0.6 1; g_Teamcolor_axis 1 .5 0 1" "
The reason why you want to bind this to the walk button is cuz then it will be able to update the killfeed with colors at the time you are moving and a time after you have stoped moving.

And here is a picture of colors that you can use for the feed/chat or the scoreboard.
Posted Image

So thats it. I hope you guys enjoyed this little tip! Now you have a pimped hud! :)