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  • Added on: Nov 20 2012 04:10 AM
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Downgrading you Minecraft for Apple OSX Users

Downgrading from 1.4.4 to:
1.4.2 (FA Survival)
1.3.2 (FA Creative)

Posted by b0rR*4cHo on Nov 20 2012 04:10 AM
First Steps:
1. Create a folder titled "Minecraft Jar 1.3.2" - You will need this jar to play on FA Creative Server
2. Create a folder titled "Minecraft Jar 1.4.2" - You will need this jar to play on FA Survival Server
3. Create a folder titled "Minecraft Jar 1.4.4" - Latest version

*The reason for creating these folders is because you will need to switch them out and be able to keep track of which jars are which.

Second Steps:
1. Download the Minecraft Jar 1.3.2 here:

2. Download the Minecraft Jar 1.4.2 here:

*If you have updated Minecraft the 1.4.4 jar should already be loaded into your system

You should download each jar individually and place it into its respective folder. The reason for doing this, is because the jars are not labeled by versions and could be easily mixed up.

Now that you have each jar in its respective folder, this is how you switch them out.
*Remember the current version (1.4.4) is already in position.

1. Open "Finder"
2. Open the "Library folder"
3. Open the "Application Support" folder
4. Open the "Minecraft" folder
5. Open the "Bin" folder

There you will see "minecraft.jar"

Now, all you do is switch the jar out with whatever version you desire to play.

You can play on any server as long as you have the the jar that is equivalent to or earlier than the version that server is currently running. Example: You will be able to play on the FA Survival server (which is 1.4.2) with the 1.3.2 jar. You however will not be able to play on the FA Survival server if you have the 1.4.4 jar in your bin folder.

I hope this helps and if you are having problems you can shoot me a message on here or on xfire @ b0rr4ch0