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  • Added on: Sep 06 2012 03:49 PM
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DosBox for Linux (ubuntu)

How to instal and play Dosbox games with linux , using ubuntu as example

Posted by yellow flash on Sep 06 2012 03:49 PM
1. Install DOSBox, open the terminal and type "sudo apt-get install dosbox" or directly from the package manager.

2. Download game you want and make own folder for it, for example / home / yourname / dosgames / then extract the. zip file into that folder.

3. Start DOSBox by typing the terminal "dosbox" or you can launch it directly from the Applications menu.

4. Write DOSBox command prompt, type "mount c: / ​​home / yourname / dosgames /" , that command defines C: drive location.

5. Next, launch the installation for game you want by writing command "(game's name).exe" and it start's the installation.

6. Install the game to the desired location. When the installation is complete
you can start the game with command "(game's name).EXE"

7. In the future, you can start the game with DOSBox's commands:
"mount c: / ​​home / yourname / dosgames / FISHING /" (or any other folder where you installed the game)
"(game's name).EXE"

8. Enjoy good old games with dosbox on linux :)