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  • Added on: Jun 03 2012 06:59 PM
  • Date Updated: Jun 04 2012 04:51 PM
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How to add fan to Linksys E4200 router

Tutorial on how to add a fan to Linksys E4200 router for better performance and to fix hit problems

Posted by ajnl on Jun 03 2012 06:59 PM
I made this tutorial on how to add a fan to a router after making the review for the Linksys E4200 (My review)

Now, this tutorial shows specifically for this router. But I am assuming this same method will work for any router.

Router: LInksys E4200:

linksys e4200.jpg

Inside of the Linksys E4200. You will have to open the router up, so that you can attach the wires of the fan on to the switch, enabling the fan to draw power from the wall. It is also possible to use batteries, but they will drain pretty quickly.
If you look at the top left of the router's motherboard, this is where the switch is located. Where the power comes in from the wall. This is where you want to solder the wires of the computer fan to or you can also just use electricity tape to attach the wires.


Here is a computer fan. I cut the wires, the black is positive and the red is negative. On the router, where the power cable plugs into, it will show the positive and negative part.


I did not have enough space to put the fan inside the router, so I put it underneath:


This works, because the bottom of the router has holes. The fan pushes air up into the router from the bottom and out the sides. This keeps the router completely cold. It does not heat up at all, even though it is in a small space where it used to over heat.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Here is another tutorial for another router, basically doing the exact same thing. Only this one is a bit cleaner and the fan is located inside the router: Link