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  • Added on: Jun 23 2011 04:08 AM
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W:ET How to be a good server admin

This tutorial will describe a few things regulars, trials, and members can do to properly administer our ET servers.

Posted by CSL on Jun 23 2011 04:08 AM
Let me start by saying that being an admin on a server comes with certain responsibilities. The main responsibility is to provide a FUN, FAIR, and CHEAT FREE enviroment for our guests and members. It is a job that takes away from our own playing time but with some practice can become second nature and therefore have very little impact on our own fun. The information presented in this tutorial is not new a search of the forum will result in many topics discussing these issues but I thought I would put them all in one topic.

1. Teams:

One of the most common complaints we receive is about team stacking.

What is team stacking and how can I do something about it?

Team stacking can come in 2 main forms. The first is when the teams are physically unbalanced such as the axis have 22 players and the allies 17. The second and more problematic form of team stacking in when the teams are physically even but the majority of skilled players is on one team causing the other team to get pwned badly.
The easiest way to remedy physical imbalance is to join the teams with less players and to request in man chat for players to even teams. Pressing the "Tab" key while in game will show you the teams and the players on each team. If players don't start to move after first request ask again in main chat for players to move. If people still dont move pm individual players to switch sides. In my opinion most players will be more than happy to accomodate this request. The last resort is to use the !putteam command to put individual player on opposing team. ALWAYS tell player you are moving him/her before doing so this will result in fewer whines and complaints. Another tip to keep an eye on things is to use the TAB key often so as to get an idea of the state of things before they get out of hand. Remember we cant expect our guests to do things that we dont do so strive to be the first one to switch teams or initiate others to help balance teams.
The above mentioned things are to be done during the map. In between maps if things are physically uneven you can use the command !shuffle. Remember !shuffle on jaymod is by xp so even though the teams may be physically even after shuffle they still may be stacked for skill. For ETPUB and SiLent teams are shuffled by kill/death ratio providing for a fairer shuffle.
When to use shuffle?
As a rule of thumb use shuffle during the map warm up time. Wait about 15-20 seconds into the warm to shuffle to give all players time to connect/download map. As an extreme measure shuffle can be use during the first 5 minutes of the map if things get out of hand. Never shuffle with less than 5 minutes left to the map.

2. Weapons
As of this writting the is no rule for how many maps you can hold a specific weapon. The panzer and flamer are usually he 2 weapons that are sought after for those who play the soldier class. Please be considerate of other players and be aware that others may want to use the weapon you have. As an admin it is your responsibility to ensure all players have fun. So if you have had the panzer for 5 maps try and offer it to others or just switch weapons to give someone else oppertunity to use it. This shows maturity and understanding of an administrators role.

3. Muting/kicking/banning
The above commands should be used carefully and appropiately. Thse with 3+ admin level should become very familiar with the Admin guide let it be your F|A server bible. In regards to bans all players are innocent until proven guilty. All bans should be reported to ban list topic with accompanying demos and screenshots. Please remember to post condump as well ta make searching for bans easier. Remember people who get banned will most probably put in a request for unban and it makes us look unproffessional if we dont already have the ban information availible. Multiple bannings with out posting is grounds for demotion. If you are unsure whether a player is hacking !finger them and record map and upload demo to the forums dont ban if you are unsure remember offline bans can be issued by leaders once cheating is confirmed. Beware of namefakers just because someone likes the nick "Keith" or Celine Dion" doesnt mean its really them so do reasearch first before you ban by name.

4. Helping new players
Even after all these years many new players come to ET. How they got to our servers who knows but it is our job to keep them comming back. A good tip is to keep an eye on main chat many times player "a" will say "hey how do I add colors to my nick" or how do i load rifle nade" it is worth it to take 2 minutes out of your life to explain it, remember a full server is a happy server :D.

5. Recruiting
We are always on the look our for new good members. If you see a player you would like to recruit, encourage them to visit our forums and join our community and if they need help to register or put in an app help them! xfire and vent are great ways to meet these new players so try and encourage them to DL both of these programs. Suggesting new members is a great way to get promoted in our community!

6. Language and overall Behavior
As admins we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard so try and remember to keep things cool if an argument heats up on servers. NEVER argue with another admin on the server in open chat it is childish and foolish. Either work it out in PM or use private section of forums. Also dont argue with higher admin on server they may have access to information you dont. If guests are arguing try and diffuse the situation-dont get dragged in to the argument its pointless.

7. Forums
The forums are there to be the base of our community visit them often to find out whats going and to post information about prospective members or troublemakers!