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  • Added on: Jun 05 2011 02:12 PM
  • Date Updated: Jun 06 2011 07:39 AM
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How to create your own ET-mod

What you need and how to set it up. Windows.

Posted by Weedkiller on Jun 05 2011 02:12 PM
This tutorial aims at setting you up for modding ET. I personally found the procedure less than straight forward,
so here I will carbon-cut it and server it on a silver plate.
Later tutorials will cover a coding example, and how to test it on a LAN "home-server" with omnibots.

1) Download & install Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2008.
You have to register it, or it will stop working after a month.

2) Get some code.
Here's the latest etpub trunk.

3) Set up Microsoft Visual Express C++ 2008.
You have to do 2 things.

The first is to open your unpacked source code with VS 2008. Click the /.../src/wolf-vs2k8.sln file.
Rightclick on Solution 'Wolf-vs2k8' (I'm using Solution 'Wolf-vs2k3' in the screenshot) and click Properties. From here, click Startup Project and select Multiple startup projects instead of Single startup project.


Now do this:

From http://etpub.org/e10...ic.php?25970.40
you have to set ETDIR as an environment variable. If you are running windows XP, you can do it by clicking: Start --> right mouse click on "My Computer" --> Properties --> Advanced --> Environment Variables. You will then get a screen with user variables and system variables. Click on "New" to add a new user variable. Enter "ETDIR" as the name of the variable (without the quotation marks ""). As the value of your variable, you should add the path of your ET folder, so for example "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory".

Instead of adding the path to your gaming-install, I recommend that you install another ET to a different location, and use this install for modding.
I am working on another tutorial where I will be referring to "D:/WolfServer", so you might want to that, or similar, your mod-install-path.

That's pretty much it.
Let's try to compile the code. Make sure the "Configuration Solutions" drop-down menu (see the screenshot) is set to "release" and rightclick 'Wolf-vs2k8' again, and this time press "Build Solution".
You should have 0 errors. If you have 0 errors then you are now ready to start modding.
Here's a place with a lot of tutorials & information: