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  • Added on: Mar 18 2011 02:35 AM
  • Date Updated: Mar 18 2011 11:35 PM
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Basics of Enemy territory

Read this if you're just starting out for ET (My personal experiences put into a tutorial)

Posted by Crasher on Mar 18 2011 02:35 AM
Okay so you've downloaded ET and you want to frag the whole server by yourself.

Hold on there sparky! There's more to fragging to this game than other FPS games.

This game heavily relies on team-effort.

There are certain classes in which the team Axis/Allies can use to win either defending or attacking.


A soldier is a class that, along with the main smg and pistol (or double) is allowed a heavy weapon. Try them out but rule out mortar or mg42 because their unreliable in real situations.

Flamethrower is good for defending maps, and close corner hallways. Ex: The hallway of frostbite by the service door. Just camp by the crates and let the flames fly, you'll get a spree in no time.

Panzer... a lot of people loath the weapon, so if your internet courage is untouchable then go ahead and use it, because people will b*** at you 24/7 if you use it.

Again, forget the mortar unless you're a natural at using it.



The main class for the defender/attacker/ramboing the objective guy

They can heal (obviously) you and your allies, not much else to say. Usually medics tend to run away when their low on health and are losing the fire fight, sprint ahead and chase them down. (sprint is the shift key,you must hold it down in a fire fight for it to be effective, try using the right shift it's better.)

When your ally is down, someone usually calls for a medic and there will be a red circle with a syringe on it on your fallen ally, which you can use the green syringe for to bring them back to half health or full health (level 3)

You can also at level 4 heal your ally to full health when their health is at the red bar.



This class is pretty much essential if you're attacking because otherwise you won't get far besides a frag-fest.

The engineer can dynamite, place mines (in certain places) and use tripmines (silent mod) they can also use the pliers to defuse dynamite or build things. It is also used to activate the dynamite, but the game automatically sets you to it when you place it on the ground.

The grenade rifle is a special weapon for the engineer that launches grenades at a far length to your enemies but it takes a lot of prediction to use well.


Field Ops:

"I need Ammo." "We need a field op!"

You'll be hearing that a lot - usually people who say that are too lazy to press TAB (scores and player list) to see if they even have a field ops. Field ops give ammo to themselves and their allies and can also call in artillary assuming you have enough charge bar, by using the binoculars ( B ) or using the smoke trail one.

The binoculars airstrike lasts longer in one place but it hits randomly in the area. The other air-strike moves in a linear pattern in the desired area once (or if you have the required level, 3) twice.

It's annoying to have more than one field ops on a team if you just want to use the air strikes as each team 'shares' the strikes and can't use their own. There is a time limit in which you can use air strikes after as well.


Covert Ops:

Covert ops are the last class, which can use the sten, fg42 and the sniper rifle.

The Cvops can disguise as the enemy, use satchel charges on various doors or on the command post and also at level 4 it has an automatic kill with the knife (if you attack from the backside)

Also, the sten you should avoid unless you played RTCW and know how to use it. If you really wish to try it out, use it. Know when it gets to the tip of the bar and stop shooting so there isn't a delay in the fire fight.


Command Post: Increases your "charge". You'll see it on the left hand of your screen with a little lightning bolt. The charge allows you to do certain things like giving ammo or health packets, or air strikes. Engineers also need this. Pretty much every class needs it.

tip: both the mp40 and thompson in Enemy territory have the same stats.

Finally, you don't have to download any patches as it has an auto downloader when you join a server. This makes the game much easier than other games, and the downloads don't take long (depending on your internet connection)

Get used to the maps, most are overplayed on the F|A servers so it won't take long to.

Sprinting helps in fire fights, try to get used to that, straffing side to side while in a fire fight. Aim for headshots more than anywhere else on the body. Again, you must have shift held down the entire fight. It feels weird at first but you can get used to it.

Thanks for reading, if you have anymore questions PM me.