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  • Added on: Mar 07 2011 12:30 PM
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EtPro commands

how to use commands on etpro server

Posted by krAzy :) on Mar 07 2011 12:30 PM
since our EtPro server is now ON i think FA members should know how to use commands

type in console:
/pause: pauses game for more then 200 sec ....every team has 2 pauses every round
/unpause: unpauses game....game starts in 10 seconds
/speclock: spectators cant follow (watch) you
/specunlock: team can be viewed from specs
/lock: no spec can join ur team
/unlock: players can join now
/players: few each players ID (number) and maxpackets
/specinvite [ID]: example /specinvite 4 ....this play can spactate u now....
/ready: u are ready to start game (u should have it bind on f3 by default)
/readyteam: ur team is ready

/sl_players: check if players are on SLAC, if u see number like 00006204 then he is on slac (thats his guid), if u see UNKNOWN -->he is not on slac......
to check players slac account go to sl-anticheat and put his guid into "user search"
u can try it with number 00006204 ....u'll see its a busted cheater--->banned

change CONFIG:
/callvote config
u will see a list of configs.....for example u see: cb3 CLANBASE 2v2/3v3
if u want to pick that config do--->
/callvote config cb3

other kind of votes:
just press ESC--->vote
startmatch: 15 sec warmup, then begins the round
reset match: resets whole match, that means if u are in 2nd round and do "reset match", u will get to 1st round again--->time of 1st round will be reset
to set time click on side of "time limit" and set the right time
restart map: well...u get it :P
swap teams: changes whole team--->axis will be allies / allies will be axis
cointoss: if u played 2 matches, one time ur team won, 2nd time other team won, then u need to make final map....first u need to call (write in mainchat) heads or tails...then do cointoss...the winner can choose map and will be axis
choose map and click on OK
click on player and then u can mute, kick or make ref (referee)
as a ref u can mute kick make ref without calling a vote

if i forgot something or if i wrote bs, tell me so i can EDIT my tut :thanks