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  • Added on: Dec 13 2010 10:20 AM
  • Date Updated: Dec 16 2010 06:18 PM
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How not to get in trouble with administrators and have a good relationship

You will learn how to act on servers!

Posted by Zuthus on Dec 13 2010 10:20 AM
I have seen many people who constantly have problems with the server administrators. This tutorial will help you improve that behavior.

I know that administrators can make mistakes, we are all human and make mistakes, right? If you are human,too, you make mistakes,too! The idea of this topic is to learn when to shut up and when to speak.

- Do not be rude and angry, because that will only worse your situation. Take it easy and with patience, because everything is better if you do it like that.

- 95% of the time (depending on the administrator's experience) the administrator will have the reason, so do not cry, because he has the reason, just accept it. If a administrator with less experience makes a mistake, you probably won't lose anything, just going to lose a little time, so if the admin makes a mistake, another higher admin level administrator will correct the mistake, and next time he won't do it again. Next time he will help someone successfully.

- If you have a problem with an administrator, you can go to Admin Abuse make sure you read this first -> READ FIRST! and post your problem to advanced help and comments.

- If they ban you for something, they do have proof, so do not lie and cry, because we have videos, in which we can see if you're cheating or not. If they ban you for multiple !mute and warns Mute several times and after that you keep talking shit and have proof, you are just screwed up, so do not lie and cry on forums, that won't help!

- If you're an administrator, and you're reading this, also works for you, if a higher level administrator tells you something, do it, because he knows what he/she is doing.

There are endless points I can say, but that would make this post boring and long. These are the most important points you have to remember! Now you know how to act in the servers, to be loved by the = F | A = community and maybe to become one!