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  • Added on: Nov 24 2010 05:52 PM
  • Date Updated: May 24 2012 01:28 AM
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Adding disallowed symbols to your clan tag

Call of duty: Black Ops unallowed symbols.

Posted by Tomato on Nov 24 2010 05:52 PM
In COD: Black Ops, you can now add the unallowed symbols into clan tags by editing your config. We can now set our clan tags to =FA=, and would be able to have =F|A= if the limit for clan tags wasn't 4 characters. :/

Anyways, you can find your config here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players\config_mp.cfg

And the setting for you clan tag should be this:

seta clanName "=FA="