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  • Added on: Oct 03 2010 04:38 PM
  • Date Updated: Jun 13 2012 09:25 AM
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Wolfenstein Installer v1.0

All you need to play is: Download, start, Accept, Install & Join any servers (2.55+2.56+2.6+2.6b)

Posted by =FlA=Incom!ng* on Oct 03 2010 04:38 PM
This Full Installer is made by Fearless-Assassins.Com Community For ET players around the world, so they can play on all ET servers.

All you need to play is: Download, start, Accept, Install & Join any servers (2.55+2.56+2.6+2.6b)

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What's new :
new auto installer based on Friend's software (Pro-install)
added auto-Cleaner if you ever want to update old installed ET
-> With cleaner first it will stop PnkBstrA from running, Punkbuster folder, pk3 game (not maps or skin and sound), dll files and pid file are all removed before install new package to avoid any conflict. your profile will not removed
added New etpub 0.9 Client with sound pack
added Noquarter client 1.2.3 (with F|A special NQ sound pack)
added Etpro 3.2.6
added Jaymod 2.1.7 + 2.1.8 (with F|A #2 and F|A #3 special sound pack)
for 64bits system you need to change ET.exe path in ETStarterPro.ini

Installation :
Updater package : if you have 2.55 game already installed, it will not touch your etkey or current profile or configs, just install, it will update alone. (tested on vista and windows XP)
New installation : If you wanna install ET, you will have the latest updated game with latest punkbuster. and will be allowed to play on all servers 2.55 to 2.6b

You don't need to connect to servers from the main menu in game, use ET Starter Pro from your desktop

*This Starter Pro is Pre-Loaded with all =F|A= Server info.

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Posted Image

Download :

Enemy Territory Full Direct Free host

Enemy Territory Full Megaupload host

Credits: Wolfenstein Installer v1.0

This Package is based on Splash Damage Software Game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Thanks to Paranormal Division For their great ET tools ET Starter Pro v0.95

Thought I'd Bump this since so many people keep making new Tutorials about the same stuff....I did not create this, I'm simply sharing it.

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