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  • Added on: Sep 28 2010 05:35 AM
  • Date Updated: Nov 17 2010 03:21 PM
  • Views: 1797

Ubuntu: How to upgrade / patch W:ET successfully!

The correct way to upgrade / patch your W:ET client on Ubuntu.

Posted by Chuckun on Sep 28 2010 05:35 AM
Are you trying to upgrade your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory client to the latest version / patch?

This is how!

NOTE: To open the terminal for this tutorial, navigate to Applications menu > Accessories > Terminal.

First you need to download the latest patch. You can do this via the terminal using the following command:

wget -c http://ftp.games.skynet.be/pub/wolfenstein/et-linux-2.60-update.x86.run
(please note, this is subject to change if W:ET ever updates again.)

Or alternatively you can just download it from FileShack here: http://www.fileshack...owse.x?cat=1774 (this one however, will always update.)

Now you've got your patcher file, you want to run it right? Well first of all, because you downloaded it, it's not going to be permitted to be run as an executable.. So right click the file, click Properties, and go to the Permissions tab, and check the box to allow it to be run as an executable file. Click apply / ok.

This next part is where people are going wrong. Most people are just running the file and it's not working correctly. Here's why.

You need to install the update / patch with root permissions ideally, but sudo -i will do :)

So go to terminal, and type in sudo -i as seen below.
[email protected]: ~ sudo -i
This will prompt you for your root password. Enter it, and you'll notice the user-name changes to [email protected] in the terminal.

Now, run the W:ET updater via the terminal, using the full path.

For example:
[email protected]:~ /home/chuckun/Downloads/et-linux-2.60-update.x86.run

Then follow the onscreen instructions and hooray! The patch will work properly!

Once finished, type exit into the terminal to log-out of root (sudo), and then exit the terminal.

Now, start gaming on your less buggy version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

~ Chuckun