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COD4 Server HELP - version 1.8 won't let me in!

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hi guys!


i haven't been around for quite some time, possibly someone remembers my name....


so, after checking out COD4 remastered multiplayer and leaving it about 3 minutes later, I reinstalled COD4 including all patches up to 1.7 (still had them).

when trying to connect to our server it told me server is at 1.8 (and i was like - damn, they're still fixing this game?)


google, various youtube videos and tutorials later....


I'm at 1.8 COD4x 17.7 and still can't join the HC beginenrs server...



help me, pls...




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I had the same problem. Sonofdoc sent me this link and it works on my laptop rig, have to try it on my main computer though.


Try it out, hope it works. By the way, I'm not using Steam, perhaps a different solution is required there. 




I just downloaded it and replaced the old one with this, in the COD4 files. 

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thanks Partisan, that went a lot smoother than I expected :D


of course, by the time we all started playing COD4, steam was barely around, if i remember right...


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