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Venice (NE4) - Enemy Territory Map

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Venice (NE4)

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| May 23rd 2007

Version NE4

UPDATE for this Version: NE4


Remove the Scripting for the AT-GUN and the Functionality, AT-GUN Model is still in the map (non-functional).


Added back the Music.

Made the FootBridge Non-Constructible and removed scripting for it.

Removed Boat Splines 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34, 36 and changed the scripting.


Permission was given by Chavo One the Original Map Maker to Decompile and Recompile the map in order to Try to Fix the Max_GameState_Chars_Exceeded Error.


I am not the Creator of this map, i am just a mapper that is attempting to get rid of the Error.

I spent many hours just fixing everything that the Decompile Messed up.

Then i removed 166 Entities (87 Corona's and 79 Lamp misc_gamemodels).

I replaced the Lamp Models with custom made Normal Brushes.

After removing 166 entities and testing the map we still got the Max_GameState_Chars_exceeded Error so i made more changes.

I made all three Constructible MG's just regular MG positions that are not Constructible.

Also Removed Both the Allied and the Axis Command Posts.

Removed the scripting for the above as well.


Contat Info:  Jeco_ET_Mapping@yahoo.com


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